Fig.1 Beauty Believes Skincare Is Healthcare

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Figure 1 Beauty (aka Fig.1) is the brainchild of three founders – including a Harvard dermatologist and a skin-care chemist – who believe healthy skin should not belong solely to the 4% of people who can afford to see a dermatologist. This tremendous trio also concur that the beauty aisle is far too confusing, cluttered with expensive products that often underdeliver. Their solution? Disrupting the category with a science-based, simplified line that offers proven efficacy and skincare education.

Anything But Routine

To experience the brand’s efficacy first-hand, I used its six-product skincare collection for weeks. The lineup includes:

  • Micellar Oil Cleanser ($19), a silky cleanser with grapeseed oil and squalene (an ingredient favorite of mine) that thoroughly cleans yet leaves skin hydrated
  • RP Repair Eye Cream ($28), with retinyl palmitate (a gentler version of retinol, given the delicate eye area) and bioactive peptides
  • Glycolic Glow Treatment ($28), a milky 4% glycolic partnered with PHAs, glycerin, squalane and hyaluronic acid for gentle exfoliation
  • Retinol Renewal Cream No. 1 ($38), a low concentration of retinol (.15%) paired with peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and squalane to achieve results without irritating skin
  • Niacinamide Nourishing Treatment ($28), a moisturizer with B vitamins and a trio of restorative minerals (magnesium, copper, and zinc) for anti-inflammatory relief, calming redness and overall skin health
  • Ceramide Moisturizer ($28), with peptides and ceramides for deep 24-hour hydration
Credit: Figure 1 Beauty

The sustainable packaging features helpful directions, which are key for new users as some treatment products are evening use only, and glycolic/retinol usage is less than daily. But it's the products themselves that are the big wow factor. The entire line not only exceeded my expectations but reminded me that efficacy and cost-effectiveness are not mutually exclusive. But I believe the true beauty of Fig.1 is that it’s not an “all or nothing” brand. You can incorporate any (or all) of the above products that work for your skin’s health at any time; There is no hard sell to convince you that to have results you need to buy the entire line.

While I loved each of the products, the greatest triumph for me was the gentle texture – and impactful result – of the Glycolic and Retinol Treatments. Fig.1 elevated my current experience with harsh retinol and glycolic brands, from stinging and abrasive to gentle and soothing, without losing efficacy. Bravo! I am also sold on the Eye Cream, given the incredible blend of ingredients and results thus far. But the most interesting product insight, and subsequent shift in my routine, stemmed from Fig.1’s online esthetician consultant who introduced me to double cleansing; I will now be using the Fig.1 Oil Cleanser as a first step on particularly hard days (when I Crossfit and/or am wearing layer upon layer of SPF), to eliminate toxins and grime before cleansing with my existing (water-based) cleanser.

Unboxing my Fig. 1 products

The Beauty Of Science

Fig.1’s wholehearted commitment to science led to developing meaningful formulations from scratch, creating sustainable packaging (with airless pumps to protect against air, light and dirty fingers so products stay effective to the last drop), and conducting clinical trials for all skin types (which is not the norm!) for the line.

Co-founder and Executive Chairman Kimmy Scotti has said, "To create Fig.1, we put the best experts at one table, including Dr. Courtney Rubin, our chemist Lizzy [Trelstad], and a team of renowned Dermatologists from Harvard, Stanford and Penn. The result is gorgeous, clinically-effective products.” The founders take pride that despite the hard-earned science-based credentials, the price point remains within reach – all SKUs range from $19 to $38 – allowing everyone to have access to great skincare. They also strive to be a resource,  whether you are new to skincare or an enthusiast eager to dig into the purpose of each ingredient.

Credit: Figure 1 Beauty

Simple. Effective. Skinimalist.

Above all, the founders are confident that pioneering Fig.1 was necessary, given the clutter and confusion in the marketplace. According to co-founder, Board-certified Harvard dermatologist Dr. Courtney Rubin, “Something that I see in my patient interactions is that there’s so much confusion around skin care, [including] what products to use, in what order and how to mix them together. Sometimes I feel like if you want to build a skin-care routine these days, you have to be your own compound chemist.” 

The brand’s ethos in accessible simplicity helps those that feel “lost” about their skincare, while also tapping into “skinimalism” (skincare minimalism), a trend following the backlash against the increasing number of steps and elaborate K-beauty products of late. To further alleviate any stress and confusion, the website’s free esthetician consultation to discuss skincare routine and provide recommendations is a useful tool – as evidenced by my own experience.

5 More Reasons To Love Fig. 1 Beauty:

  • Fig. 1 Beauty is dedicated to demystifying and democratizing skincare, so that everyone can have (and afford!) healthy skin.
  • Fig. 1 Beauty’s online consultation is reviewed by a licensed esthetician who recommends a personalized routine, incorporating products you already use if you wish.
  • The brand is committed to scientific development and clinical trials, using feedback from online consultations to guide product development.
  • Sustainable packaging contributes to the brand’s economical value.
  • Fig.1 believes great chemistry is more than just products – it’s your relationship to your skin when you find what works wonders for you.

Want to have great chemistry with your skin?  Try Fig. 1 Beauty today.

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