Fable Pets Puts Fido’s Safety (And Your Aesthetic) First

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Before my husband and I adopted our two rescue pups Jackson and Joie, many people warned us how expensive dogs are. They often talked about hefty vet bills and pricey boarding stays. What they failed to mention was how much fun spoiling our pups with toys, treats, and beds would be. 

We are obsessed with showering them with new goodies, but over time, we’ve noticed not all dog products are made alike. Embarrassingly, most of the items we’ve bought have had fairly short life cycles (sorry, Mother Earth!). For two years, we’ve been on the lookout for solid toys and beds that can stand up to our dynamic duo’s playful chewing and evening zoomies. More importantly, we sought something that would stand the test of time. And for two years, we were unsuccessful…until we found Fable.  

Changing The Game

Fable is a family-run company that seeks to create safe and long-lasting tools for your pet – and solve traditional pet owner problems at the same time. The brand is on a mission to set the bar for safety standards for pet products (a bar that currently does not exist – there are no standards in place for pet products right now). Fable has designed its own standards by minimizing the number of pieces in an item, testing the strength of each component, and using choice materials. With Fable, your pet always comes first.  

These furry sibs were actually pretty good at sharing their new bowl.

Fable also encourages adventure for animals and their owners. This is evident in many of the current products Fable offers, such as the Magic Link leash ($65), which allows for easy, hands-free walking. 

Get Puffed Up

Intrigued, I ordered a dog bed and bowl for Jackson and Joie. The box they came in was so big that someone passing by on the street asked, “What did you order, lady?” 

When I got it inside, I unwrapped a lot of protective packaging, which I appreciated. The dog bed was shrinkwrapped and looked similar to a camping mattress. The ceramic bowl was padded well in its own box and came totally intact. These products are designed to be high quality, and their price point reflects that, so I’m glad they were transported thoughtfully. 

Everything arrived at my door safe and sound.

Despite all kinds of sniffing going on around me (those two always know when a package is for them), I successfully retrieved the bed and bowl from the packaging unharmed. The bed took about 30 minutes to puff up to how the pictures look, which was surprisingly satisfying to watch.    

I Only Love My (Dog) Bed and My Momma

Before Fable, I think our dogs had probably gone through four dog beds in the last two years. Our sweet older guy is about 12 years old and has some anxiety, so he was responsible for chewing up the majority of them. Each post-chew-up discovery was pretty scary – what if Jackson had choked on the stuffing or a zipper?

Fable’s bed (starting at $95) is built to put minds like mine at ease thanks to its super durable material. In addition to being tricky to chew through, the washable material (which feels similar to an outdoor cushion) is made to be stain, sun, and waterproof. If only I had this when they were potty training…. 

Functionality aside, the aesthetic makes it easily the best-looking dog bed we’ve had. Others we’ve had included funky logos or colors that don’t match our decor.

Functionality aside, the aesthetic makes it easily the best-looking dog bed we’ve had. Others we’ve had included funky logos or colors that don’t match our decor. With Fable, we got to choose our bed color to match our style. With earth tones like green, grey, rose, and tofu, finding one that fits in with your space is easy.

Joie sunbathed the afternoon away in her new bed.

It’s all well and good that I like the way it looks, but the real test of a dog product lies with the end user: the pups themselves. As much as I wish I could get their thoughts directly, I feel confident I’ve detected how they feel. 

We have several places they can lay around our place, including our bed and a posh beanbag. So far, they’ve enjoyed several deep snoozes and sunbathing sessions on the Fable bed. Our older dog has pretty severe arthritis due to his age and breed mix. The bed accounts for that with its memory foam interior, so I like to think of it as a Posturepedic bed for dogs. I’m really looking forward to the days when it’s not 95 or 100 degrees out and we can bring the bed outside. I’m confident they will love the bed even more then!

Order Up

Our younger pup, Joie, is maybe the messiest eater I have ever met. She pushes her food bowl around the room as she eats, creating an enormous mess along the way. I was geeked to read that Fable’s bowl ($35) is weighted at the bottom specifically to avoid this problem. When she tried it out, she wasn’t able to knock it around the room and spill food everywhere, saving me the clean up after meal time.

When we tried it with water, I was impressed that it only needed to be filled once per day, which is impressive considering she’s a heavy drinker. The bowl is rough on the outside and smooth on the inside, which gives it a really chic look in our place that matches the rest of our decor. Most dog bowls have me wanting to hide them when people come over, but these look so good I don’t mind leaving them out. 

Most dog bowls have me wanting to hide them when people come over, but these look so good I don’t mind leaving them out. 

Our dogs are “cross-contaminators,” meaning they drop kibble in their water bowls… a lot. This leaves a yucky residue and soggy kibble that can be pretty gross. Fable’s bowls are dishwasher safe, so I’ve been able to just pop it in the dishwasher instead of handwashing and cringing while doing so. 

It’s so refreshing to encounter a brand that actually cares about keeping my dogs safe and solving the problems I have as a pet owner. Fable’s pursuit to enable adventures for pet owners and pets everywhere excites me greatly. More importantly, that adventure thrills my pups – and it’s the best feeling in the world to be able to give it to them.

5 More Reasons to Love Fable:

  1. Fable’s bed fits perfectly into the Fable crate, which also can double as a gorgeous side table for your space. 
  2. All of the products the brand makes are manufactured with safe materials, so your pet will be safe from dangerous materials, whether they like to lick, chomp, sniff, or all of the above.
  3. The founders, Jeremy Canade and Sophie Bakalar, are brother and sister – so sweet! Their dogs are also related, too.
  4. The inspiration for Fable came from the animals Jeremy and Sophie grew up with, meaning the products are drawn on years of hands-on experience from people who actually know the struggles pets and their owners have.
  5. Jeremy is an active animal rights activist, fighting for the safety and health of animals globally. Read our interview with him here!

Ready to spoil your pet (more than you already do)? Check out all of the latest gear at FablePets.com.

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