I Was Nervous To Host A Dinner Party – Until I Set My Table With Fable

In partnership with Fable.

I’ve spent the better part of the last year thinking and talking and writing about decorating my home. It’s been an admittedly slow process – and I’m okay with that – as I’ve been walking the fine line of necessity and intentionality.

Now that I have my large furniture pieces sorted, I’ve shifted my focus to the details. And, I’m learning that the smaller elements – the table lamps and candlesticks and plants and art – are what really make a space feel like home. My latest proof? A dinnerware set from Fable that has me more excited than ever to host a candlelit evening with friends.

Giving My Table Some Personality

Now that my apartment finally has enough seats for my guests to sit, I’m eager to host friends for nights drinking wine and trying out a collection of recipes I’ve accumulated over the past few months. But, a sudden embarrassment over my insanely boring, all-white IKEA dinnerware sent me on a hunt for a set that strikes the perfect balance of simple and special. All searches led to Fable, a brand whose “simple, timeless, and responsible” designs are intended to last (both physically and aesthetically) for years and meals to come.

Pieces you’ll love for life

While I was smitten with the look of Fable’s organic, hand-finished-in-Portugal pieces, I dug deeper to learn more about the brand. Needless to say, I was impressed with what I found: with an intention to bring joy to the everyday – and make the experience of reheating last night’s leftovers on your couch alone as cozy as a night spent serving friends over a candlelit dinner – Fable crafts its products mindfully. The brand invests in quality materials and conscious processes in order to limit its impact on the environment. Fable’s strategy to accomplish this is twofold: First, design products that withstand the test of time (both in terms of durability and looks), and second, collaborate with partners who produce responsibly.

With an intention to bring joy to the everyday – and make the experience of reheating last night’s leftovers on your couch alone as cozy as a night spent serving friends over a candlelit dinner – Fable crafts its products mindfully.

The result is a suite of dinner essentials that are special yet simple, and durable while beautiful: ceramics made in Central Region, Portugal, flatware from Northern Region, Portugal, textiles from Belgium, and glassware made in Kanto Region, Japan. Pieces are available a la carte or in bundles – select what suits your needs, and Fable will send it to you in recyclable packaging stamped with warm messaging and conversation starters. After smiling through thousands of five star reviews – “Just Right,” “This Company Is Amazing,” “Dinnerware Elegance,” I was ready to set my table with Fable’s ceramics.

A peak behind Fable’s curtain

A Look Inside The Operation

I settled on the Classic Dinnerware Set ($315), which includes the Base Dinnerware Set’s 4-count of Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Pasta Bowls, and Breakfast Bowls, plus Dessert Plates and the brand’s top-rated Mugs in Speckled White. I prefer eating just about everything out of a bowl, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the set’s two differing shapes and depths – plus the rimmed plates, a style I’ve always eyed but never owned. Before I checked out, I was relieved to see Fable Home’s transparent cost breakdown – a toggle onsite displays the costs that go into making products like Dinner Plates, Pasta Bowls, Flatware, and Glassware, plus how much the brand charges you (versus what its competition would).

Ready to unbox my Fable set!

Feeling smart and sustainable about my purchase, I waited eagerly for my set to arrive. It landed at my doorstep in time for a jaw-dropping unboxing experience: each piece is more stunning in person, with an organic design unique enough to start a conversation, yet simple enough to match any table I set. I quickly ushered each piece into my dishwasher (pieces are also microwave and oven safe up to 450 degrees) before reorganizing my cabinets to give these plates, bowls, and mugs center stage.

Serving Something Greater

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this set already – starting my mornings with a matcha in The Mugs, generously-sized to offer a Monday dose of caffeine at any moment. Unsurprisingly, I opt for my new bowls – both the Breakfast and Pasta shapes – often. I appreciate that this set recognizes the importance of both depth and breadth in the bowl department: a deeper, more compact shape for oats, soups, and ice cream, and a broader, wider design for pasta, salads, and the like.

I use Fable’s pasta bowl for way more than just pasta

What has surprised me is the frequency with which I opt for my new Dinner Plates. I hate when my food spills over the side of most plates, so I adore the low-rim on both the large (10.75 inch) Dinner Plates and smaller (8.75 inch) Salad Plates. The Dessert Plates are extremely cute – and while I’ve only snacked on them so far, I look forward to showing off the full extent of my set at my first dinner party (which is officially on the books as an early celebration for summer!).

Each piece is artisan-crafted using local Portuguese clay and a lead-free semi-matte glaze. The speckled white, coupled with the smooth matte finish makes these ceramics look both interesting and elevated. Each piece stacks easily, yet offers a nice, textured look in my cupboard thanks to one-of-a-kind, organic designs. And, they’re shockingly easy to clean. (The brand, however, does note that semi-matte glazes are susceptible to marks from flatware – simply use a scouring powder and the Tawashi Brush to remove them.)

Each piece features a smooth semi-matte glaze finish

Over the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed a tinge of excitement ahead of each meal knowing that I’ll be dining with Fable. It’s true – small moments of joy have a ripple effect on my day to day, and many of these moments have begun with Fable lately. Whether I’m reheating leftovers alone or cooking a feast with close friends, Fable brings something special to each meal I serve.

Crafted for joyous experiences, Fable’s elevated basics are a beautiful addition to any kitchen looking for some love. Warm up your space – and your next meal – with Fable. I guarantee it’ll be delicious.

Five More Reasons To Love Fable:

  1. Every piece is designed to withstand the test of time – both physically and aesthetically. Enjoy these pieces for years to come.
  2. Sustainability is at the core of the brand. Fable exclusively works with partners who are mindful of the environment and create ethically.
  3. In addition to beautiful ceramic dinnerware, shop statement-making Flatware, Textiles, Glassware, and more. I’ll surely be back to round out my tabletop.
  4. Bundle and save – Fable offers discount pricing when you purchase a set of essentials.
  5. A reason to gather – baked into Fable’s ethos is an emphasis on gathering. You can feel that intention with every piece.
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