EllaOla: The Organic, Science-Backed Skincare Line That Babies Love And Parents Trust

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One of the only things I remember about leaving the hospital after my first daughter was born was the “bath” tutorial my husband and I received. “You should wash your baby and massage them with lotion every night,” one nurse said. But then they gave me a bunch of mass-market, fragrance-laden product samples that frankly, I wasn’t going to put on my baby’s skin. And to top it off, my little ended up with pretty severe eczema, so I was even more worried about what products to use. If only there was an actually science-based, dermatologist-led brand on the market… 

Since that very day, I’ve been on the hunt for something better, and I’m pleased to share that my search has finally concluded. The minute I read about EllaOla, I knew there was something different about the brand – you know, the good kind of different. This line of next generation skincare is exactly what babies and mamas need.

Hello, cuties! Love a perfect packaging moment, but not more than I love these science-backed products

The Highest Scientific Standard

The thing that really sets EllaOla apart is the brand’s commitment to science. Rather than creating your typical run-of-the-mill formula, the brand partnered with leading experts in dermatology and pediatrics, including a team of Harvard doctors who also happen to be parents themselves (see for yourself here). EllaOla’s collection of creams, body washes, and oils has garnered six certifications, including USDA Organic, National Eczema Association, EWG and Made Safe. The Baby Lotion and Face Cream even passed a 96 hour hydration test – that’s the longest on the market by far. 

Led by a team of Harvard doctors, EllaOla leads the pack in science-backed skincare (photo credit: EllaOla)

A Rigorous Testing Process

It’s not just about certifications, though. These products are actually effective. EllaOla goes through the most rigorous testing process in the entire skincare industry – according to the brand, “every single product is rigorously tested and we hold ourselves to the highest safety standards to make sure your family is safe and happy.” EllaOla tests each batch to make sure every formula is stable, hypoallergenic and free of contaminants, heavy metals, and harmful bacteria. Honestly, it might sound like overkill, but I love it. We all want the absolute best for our babies, right?!

A few of my favorites, the Shampoo/Body Wash powerhouse and this ultra-nourishing Hydrating Baby Lotion

Made With Transparent And Plant-Based Ingredients

If you know me, you know I live for a transparent ingredient list. I’m that mom who turns every product over at the grocery store looking for sneaky suspects (I see you, added sugar). Why stop at food? Our skin is incredibly absorbent, and the ingredients we put on it are just as important as the things we eat. As expected, EllaOla is free of all the usual allergens and chemicals – but naturally, the brand takes things a step further by banning over 2,500 potentially harmful ingredients. 

EllaOla also uses all-star ingredients like organic grapeseed oil to promote skin healing, squalane for intense hydration without the sticky finish, colloidal oatmeal to nourish the skin barrier, and dead sea salt to soothe and restore. If I’m being honest, this line is better than any “adult” product I’ve tried for myself.

The entire line is eczema-friendly so you don’t have to worry about flaring sensitive baby skin

Friendly To Even The Most Sensitive Skin

What about that suuuuper sensitive, eczema-prone baby that can’t use any products, you ask? I remember our pediatric allergist recommending a prescription lotion for my baby. Actually, she wanted me to use a steroid cream to treat eczema flares. I’m sure that’s a highly effective route, but my mama gut knew this was not the answer. My youngest daughter still has eczema more often than not, and this Hydrating Baby Lotion ($28) has been a godsend. It’s lightweight, yet effective, so I can use it everyday to soothe her dry skin. I even bought a second bottle to send to daycare to protect her skin before her daily outdoor adventure. 

I’ve also been loving the Organic Bath Soak ($20 for 4) which is the perfect once-a-week reset to ensure soft and nourished skin. Hot tip – get in the bath with your baby when you do this one…your skin will thank me later!

Obviously I’m a huge fan of EllaOla, but I’m not alone. The brand has been featured on sites like Forbes, Glamour, and more. Check out EllaOla’s full product lineup here.

Five More Reasons to Love EllaOla 

  • Everybody loves a brand that gives back. As part of a commitment to making skin health accessible to every family, EllaOla works with the Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program to provide onsite access to dermatologic care for underserved families.
  • If you’re looking for the perfect baby gift, the Essential Gift Set ($115) is the best go-to gift for any new parent.
  • The brand’s Instagram is full of amazing tips that even second-time parents like myself can learn from. Did you know you’re not supposed to bathe your baby for more than 10 minutes? I had no idea.
  • This Essential Guide for Caring for Your Babies Skin means you’ll never have to message your pediatrician with yet another question.
  • Use code Welcome10 for 10% off your first order.
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