Add To Cart: Editors’ July Picks

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Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

Summer is heating up (okay, fine – it’s hot as h*ll!), and we’re keeping our cool the only way we know how: by properly stocking our bedrooms, bathrooms, and travel bags. For springier mornings, chiller nights, and a more tolerable everything-in-between, shop our editors’ favorite July products below.  

Credit: @theskinnyconfidential

Skinny Confidential: Hot Mess Ice Roller ($69)

“I've had my eye on this ice roller from TSC for a while now – finally splurged and so glad I did! It's super well-made and gets *really* cold. The aluminum roller glides across my skin and feels amazing as a post-skincare treat (it's also great for sunburns and migraines, ask me how I know). I've had a few ice rollers in the past and this one is 100% worth the hype.” –Laura

Credit: Natalist

Natalist: The Test Pack ($26)

“Buying ovulation and pregnancy tests at the drugstore can be kind of awkward, plus it's hard to power through decision fatigue at big box retailers. I love Natalist's simple solution – The Test Pack is perfect for anyone thinking about getting pregnant. I also love the brand’s Fiber pills...especially during pregnancy!” –Jenni

Credit: @midnightbee

Wellness East: The Ritual Kit ($98)

“Think of this as your wellness starter kit for a better morning. The ritual of lighting the Hako incense helps me slow down before jumping into my inbox. I add the Shikuwasa Lime Powder to my smoothie for additional minerals and antioxidants. Using the Hinoki Wood Body Brush before a shower and following up with Alpinia Shell Ginger Glow Oil afterwards is my new soft skin secret.” –Erika

Credit: @vacationinc

Vacation Inc.: Chardonnay Oil SPF 30 ($22)

“With my summer travel plans still a full two months away, I've been working on my base tan while trying to get in a sun-drenched state of mind. No brand helps get me there faster than Vacation, with its fabulously 80s candles, sunscreens, and Chardonnay Tanning Oil. Made with grapeseed oil from actual chardonnay grapes, it's shiny but not greasy, has a hint of that ‘Grand Cru '86’ scent without being overpowering, and still gives me SPF 30 protection. Kudos to Vacation for letting me live my inner Baywatch.” –Ryan

Credit: @everydayhumans

Everyday Humans: Rose From Above SPF 35 Sunscreen Base ($26)

“First, I'm seconding Ryan's pick. Vacation's Chardonnay Oil is so delicious, I get compliments on my scent (and my glow) each time I apply it. Those added benefits are more than I've ever expected from an SPF, and I'm hooked. On a similarly sun-protective note, I'm lately loving Everyday Humans' Rose From Above Mineral Sunscreen base. It applies like a light tinted moisturizer, and I've been pleasantly surprised by how fantastic my skin looks with this light-touch coverage (and safe sun cover).” –Zoë

Credit: @shivvanipaatil via @ciatelondon

Ciaté London: Dewy Stix Bronzing Balm ($24)

“I hate wearing much makeup when it's hot out, and this bronzing balm has been my go-to lately for cheeks, eyes, and lips. The best part: You just smear and dab to blend. Easiest glow up ever.” –Kaleigh

Credit: Hannah Gilges

Spring & Mulberry: Date Sweetened Chocolate Bars ($15)

“Spring & Mulberry makes my all-time favorite chocolate bars, with a spectrum of sweetness and depth of flavor from whole, pristine ingredients. The brand’s rich, velvety chocolate is made from cacao grown on a biodynamic and organic farm, and each bar is sweetened by just dates – great if you avoid processed sugars but still want to indulge in simple pleasures! I'm currently loving the lavender, bee pollen, rose petal flavor.” –Hannah

Credit: @riley.home

Riley Home: Spa Towel Collection (from $20)

“To say I'm a details guy would be an understatement. When my Riley Spa Towels arrived at our new home, I was completely blown away by the many little touches that make up these incredibly soft and luxurious towels. Complete with hanging loops for a thorough hang-dry and unique hand-crafted binding along the entire edge of the towel, these are the most stunning towels I've ever laid my hands on. The 400+ 5 star reviews do not lie, these are the real deal. Add-to-cart before they sell out.” –Scott

Credit: @annabeckdesigns

Anna Beck: The Rasa Collection (from $195)

“The warm weather makes me want to incorporate color into my outfits, so I've been obsessed with the Rasa collection from Anna Beck! The turquoise, blush pink and copper tones are stunning. I personally love this beaded necklace – I'd pair it with a white sundress, a knitted tote bag and a pair of black platform sandals.” –Lillie

Credit: Cushion Lab

Cushion Lab: Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow ($48)

“If you’re traveling for work, vacation, or weddings you need Cushion Lab’s Travel Neck Pillow. It initially feels like a neck brace, then you realize how well it supports the neck to avoid strain. I put it on and PTFO.” –Umama

Credit: @taylorrenfree via @solerasleep

Solera Sleep: Hemp Hull Pillow ($125)

“I'm already a hot sleeper, but the added weight and mass of newly installed braids can make for some fidgety, itchy, sweatier nights. Solera Sleep makes organic cotton pillows that are filled with hemp hulls, which molds to your body while allowing for optimal airflow. Plus, the earthy smell of the hemp adds a nice aromatherapeutic touch, softly lulling me to sleep. There's about 10 pounds of filling, and the weightiness feels really relaxing if you're an arms-under-the-pillow kind of sleeper like I am. I've seriously woken up having not moved or thrashed an inch, and have been feeling noticeably more rested after spending a few nights on one of these.” –Jordan

Credit: @softservices

Soft Services: Buffing Bar ($28)

“Soft Services, a brand developed by two Glossier alums, has changed the way I shower with its Buffing Bar – a microcrystal exfoliant that sloughs off the debris of 100-degree days, layers of sunscreen and rough patches. It feels like an itch finally being scratched, and I am left with the softest skin. It’s designed to treat keratosis pilaris—bumps on back of arms, thighs, and hips – but the microfine magnesium oxide crystals blended with glycerin and shea butter make it a delight for anyone. Bar soap is back!” –Christine

Credit: @idlesleepwear

Idle: The Short Robe ($142)

“This silky short robe from Idle Sleepwear is ideal for summer -- light, airy, and luxurious. Inspired by the meaningful leisure movement coined by the Italians as "Il Dolce Far Niente" (the sweetness of doing nothing), this brand's offerings are decadent, washable, and size-inclusive. I live in mine.” –Grace

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