Add To Cart: Editors’ Favorite June Picks

Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month!

This summer, our editors have their priorities straight: With recs like CBD joints, adaptogenic tinctures, and bubble bath, we’re keeping things cool, calm, and collected for June. Whether you’re looking forward to a month spent enjoying the great outdoors or chilling in your kitchen, bedroom, or bath, we’ve got just the thing for you. Discover the products easing us into that carefree, summertime state of mind below…

Dad Grass: CBD Joints

“I'm so old… that I remember a time before EXTRA STRENGTH medicinal marijuana. The good old days of growing up in the Valley and hanging in friends' backyard for pool parties and a casual smoke. Dad Grass is harkening back to those carefree days of yesteryear with their hemp flower pre rolled Js. These won't leave you on the floor stoned, and that's the point. Gets you the right amount of calm with all the ritualistic joy of smoking a joint. All the chill, none of the stress.” -Scott

Credit: @getmaude

maude: wash no. 0

“Anyone that knows me knows that I love taking baths. For a long time, though, I omitted bubble bath because, like many women, I have very sensitive skin (and lady parts). Thanks to Maude ph-balanced body wash and bubble bath, I get the full bubble bath experience now. I’m sad I didn’t have it sooner.” -Lee

Credit: @currentlydk

Evermill: The Counter Top Rack

“Evermill created an innovative, sustainable (and gorgeous!) spice rack for the modern chef. I didn't know direct-to-consumer spice racks could be a thing, but as soon as I saw Evermill I understood why the traditional spice rack (or a bunch of random spices thrown into a dirty drawer or cupboard) needed a long-awaited upgrade.The unboxing felt like I was opening an Apple product; every detail was meticulously poured over to bring this rack to life. In the Countertop Rack you get amber glass jars to protect the spices from light, shaker lids, a gorgeous and functional stand that keeps spices perfectly centered, and can text a number to refill your spices at any time in two hours eliminating single-use waste. The best part? Two hour delivery on ALL products which translates into more time cooking!” -Lauren


Molly J.: CBD Gumdrops

“CBD has come a long way from the days of disapproving glances and seedy packaging. These gumdrops from Molly J are not only aesthetically pleasing but delicious as well. I pop one into my mouth everytime I get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work I have to complete — aka often. Treat yourself (or someone you love) with the gift of chill!” -Iman

Credit: @drinkdroplet

Droplet: Pretty Balanced Functional Beverage

“When I heard that the founder of Wanderlust Creamery—one of my favorite artisanal ice cream shops in LA—had launched a new beverage company, I immediately took notice. As a food scientist, Adrienne Borlongan creates Wanderlust’s out-of-this-world ice cream flavors. Along with co-founder and fellow AAPI Celeste Perez, she works her magic at Droplet to develop sparkling, stress-balancing, superfood-filled drinks made with adaptogens and whole fruit juices. I’m partial to Pretty Balanced, which fuses ashwagandha, white peach, and lemon verbena, but Droplet’s other offerings are just as delicious and also designed to help your body regulate its response to anxiety.” -Tiffany

Rainbo: 11:11 Super Multi-Mushroom Synergy

“As a self-proclaimed adaptogen junkie, I've tried countless brands of ashwagandha, reishi, lion's mane, and chaga (on their own or in a blend, in a powder or a liquid). This 11:11 tincture from Rainbo is game-changing -- just a few drops in my morning tea or coffee make a tangible difference in my energy levels and mood without adding any noticeable taste. What's more, Rainbo's Instagram is full of delicious recipes and an endless source of fun facts about fungi (pun intended).” -Zoë

Credit: @wearecloudwater

Cloud Water: Blood Orange & Coconut + Immunity

“During my recent trip to Hawaii I stumbled upon this water brand. With beautiful packaging + a claim to boost immunity, I had to snag one. The blood orange + coconut immediately caught my eye and I couldn't have been happier with my choice. There's so much to love about this water! It smells like vacation in a can, it's sweetened naturally with honey, and it has 100% of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin D + Zinc which are shown to boost immunity. While we all begin traveling again and resuming our pre-pandemic activities, it's so important to take care of our immune systems and this is such an easy -- and convenient -- way to do that!” -Rosemary

Credit: @superior_merch

The Home Spice: Lebanese Style Za’atar

“You know those last few days before pay day, when your meals really start to lack? I’ve been trying to liven up my “whatever’s in the fridge” bowls by fixating on a different spice every month, and my current obsession is this Lebanese-style Za’atar from Home Spice. Though the specific mix of Za’atar can vary depending on the region, this earthy, tangy wonder adds a delicious depth and flavor to whatever dish you’re enjoying. I’ve had it with chickpeas and rice, sprinkled over cucumbers and tomatoes, and as a dry-rub for roasted chicken. I can't wait to get even more creative (and extravagant) with my recipes, plus this cutie looks amazing on my pantry shelf!” -Jordan

Credit: @galmedia

Dorai Home: Bath Stone

“If someone just described Dorai’s bath mat to me, there’s no chance I’d believe the brand’s claims. I received one as a gift a few weeks ago, and wow! It’s honestly insane. Made of diatomaceous earth (which feels like stone, not the traditional fuzzy cotton), Dorai’s Bath Stone dries in a matter of seconds to prevent mold. It’s one of those little switches that makes a huge difference in your day-to-day peace of mind.” -Hallie

Credit: @meetyourstaff

Staff: The Plunger

“I'm obsessed with Staff, a new DTC home goods brand that just launched a few months ago. Aside from having the cutest logo ever, Staff is brightening my apartment with hangers (and yes, even a plunger) that make the mundane a little more magical.” -Michelle

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