Add To Cart: Editors’ Favorite Picks For August

Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

Superfoods for energy and focus. A self-cooling Gua Sha. Authentic Japanese incense. The dog days of summer are here, and our editors are supplying the tools you’ll need to sweat in style (and comfort!). Discover the products we’re obsessed with for the ultimate August in this month’s Add To Cart. 

Credit: @anyaandniki

Anya & Niki: The Tower Hat

“I am far too conscientious with skincare to let the sun deplete my efforts. As sunscreen alone is not sufficient given the number of hours I log outdoors, the Anya & Niki Tower Hat, inspired by lifeguards, is exactly what I needed to protect both my skin and my eyes. With a chic but sturdy construction, and leather cord to tie, the hat stays put when soaring through the lake on a boat, or when I *might* tip over while paddle boarding.” -Christine

Credit: @bby.lutz

Ritual: Essential Protein

“Ritual, known mainly for their Vitamin products, recently launched a Protein Powder that is absolutely delicious. I'm a full convert -- from the body builder gross stuff you'd find at GNC to this Vanilla flavored formula with clean, sugar free ingredients. My only gripe -- the bag contains 15 servings, so I run through it faster than the monthly subscription cadence and need to get my hands on more of it!” -Scott

Credit: @girlfriend

Girlfriend Collective: Shadow Undress

“It seems to be a running theme that I am slow to pick up on fashion trends. Most of my friends have been rocking exercise/workout dresses for years now! (One of my friends even ran a marathon in one back in 2019). But I finally caved and got Girlfriend Collective's Undress in Shadow. It is incredibly flattering and makes me feel so put together, even when I feel quite the opposite. Plus, with the built in shorts, there's really nothing you can't do.” -Rosemary

Credit: @meetaila

Aila: Energy + Focus Superfood Blend

“I finally found the perfect product to boost my morning routine. Meet Aila, a superfood/matcha blend that is as good for you as it is tasty. I use it as a pre-workout, drop it into my morning smoothie to improve focus, or mix it up with oat milk to replace my lattes! It's such a versatile product & helps me feel ready to conquer the day.” -Kristen

Credit: @tamminsursok

LULUSIMONSTUDIO: Woman Holding Hands Destructed Tee

“Not only does this shirt have that distressed look I always fall for, but I love the graphic and its message, too. Who doesn't love a great t-shirt with a great message (that supports a great cause!?) Proceeds will help The By Grace Foundation build a sewing center and tailor-training program in Mabarhule, South Africa.” -Kaleigh

Credit: @sacheubeauty

SACHEU Beauty: Ultimate Sacheu Beauty Kit -- Thick Skin 1oz + Gua Sha + Roller

“I'm obsessed with gua sha right now because it's such a good stress reliever. I was really surprised to see how much a facial massage actually improved my sleep. This stainless steel set by Sarah Cheung is self-cooling, antibacterial and soooo luxurious — and only for $80 for the whole set! Plus, it's really refreshing to see an Asian/Pacific Islander woman reclaiming something from her own tradition and family background.” -Leo

Credit: @odalisquebeauty

Tennen Studio: Ocotillo Bloom

“I've long been obsessed with all things olfactory -- there's almost nothing more important to me about my home than the way it smells. Case in point: I've yet to finish furnishing my apartment, but I do have incense or a candle burning in every corner. Right now, I can't stop burning this Ocotillo Bloom incense from Tennen Studio (which is incredibly difficult to find and really only available directly through their site -- I smelled it in a friend's home and immediately needed to purchase it). I am not exaggerating when I say this is the best incense I've ever experienced. Even better? It arrived with a handwritten, vaguely threatening but mostly charming note: ‘HAPPY BURNING.’” -Zoë

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