Add To Cart: Our Editors’ May Favorites

Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

The DTC scene is overflowing with buzzy new drops, and our editorial team has been hard at work scouting and testing some of this season’s hottest products. Below, discover what we’re giving top marks -- then shop our winners for yourself! 

Credit: @iamintentionallyblank

Intentionally Blank: Haddie Ojai Sandal 

“The first time I've ever ‘pre-ordered’ anything in my life, and the first time I've shopped for something new (as opposed to vintage or resale) in a very long time, but these shoes were an immediate add-to-cart. Something about their grandma-chic appeal was screaming my name, and I can't wait to debut these as my new summer sandal (especially after feeling obviously sartorially uninspired throughout the summer of 2020).” - Zoë

Credit: @eatbehave

Behave: Sour Bears

“I was really surprised at how delicious these gummies are. I've always loved gummy candy but kinda grossed out by what they're typically made of. It brings me comfort knowing that they're made of all natural clean ingredients. I personally like the sour ones way more than the sweet ones but their Lychee, Passionfruit and Raspberry flavors are soo goood.” - Lee

Credit: @myblusleep

Blu Sleep: Ice Gel Pillow

“This is by far the best pillow that I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot… it's cooling, not too stiff or high, and even though it's a gel pillow, feels super breathable and light. It feels like you're sleeping on a cool cloud. Even when I'm traveling, I've made sure to take mine with me!” - Lauren

Credit: @glutenfreehawaii

Chomps: Jalapeno Beef Jerky

“WFH has major perks, but comes with great responsibility: fueling yourself with fun + healthy food and snacks throughout the day. Enter Chomps, a small business that's taken off in the last few years, focussed on high-quality protein snacks in the form of beef and turkey sticks. Whole30, Paleo, Keto and even Weight Watchers friendly, I'm a big fan of the Jalapeno Beef flavor; think SlimJim vibes without the guilt-filled ingredient list.” - Scott

Credit: @tsw_alicia

Peppy Co: LED Light Therapy Mask V2

“The older I get, the more I want to add to my skincare routine. Thankfully, the industry’s awash with new, innovative technologies, like this medical-grade LED mask by Peppy Co. Think of it as your portable dermatologist, with 64 bulbs and three therapeutic light options: blue to fight bacteria, red to stall wrinkles, and yellow to detoxify skin. Ever since I started using it (10 minutes per day, while listening to a podcast or my favorite Spotify playlist), I’ve noticed a difference in my skin—with a reduction in redness and a smoother-looking complexion. Get one for yourself and thank me later!” - Tiffany

Credit: @karinaasturias

Comme Si: La Boxer Classica

“I run super hot in my sleep and as the temperature starts to rise in LA, I'm feeling immensely grateful for these Comme Si boxers. They're incredibly lightweight and breathable with a super soft touch to them—it no joke feels like you're wearing the most expensive hotel sheets on your bum. Most importantly, they're much more flattering than your ex's pair of scraggly boxers, but they still provide that same cool girl look and feel. My friend very generously gifted me the white pair, and I'm already planning on heading back for a second in blue.” - Tatiana

Poppi: Ginger Lime Prebiotic Soda

“Holy WOW, this soda is soooo good. Apple Cider Vinegar, plus ginger lime come together in a harmoniously delicious green can. The long list of health benefits — promotes weight loss, balances pH of the skin to clear acne, improves digestion — are just a bonus when it tastes this good.” - Leo

Credit: @akt_ldn

AKT: The Deodorant Balm

“I sampled and tossed way too many natural deodorants before finding one that actually works in AKT. Each balm has a simple-yet-luxurious scent (think Aesop hand soap), moisturizes the skin, leaves no stains, and most of all... works. While a bit of a splurge in the deodorant department, AKT’s balms are worth an order -- or better yet, a subscription.” - Hallie

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