Add To Cart: Editors’ Picks For A Wholesome January

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Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

This month, we’re talking dreamier sleep, optimized health (physical and mental), and stressless travel. Can you tell it’s January? It’s a new month, a new year, and we’re offering recs on recs for a grand entrance. With you by our sides and these picks in our carts, we’re feeling very hopeful about 2022. Welcome to January’s edition of Add To Cart. 

OnMi’s Sleep Patch helps you fall asleep faster and catch quality z’s

OnMi: Wellness Patch for Sleep ($19.99)

“This year I'm focused on SLEEP fitness. (Yes, that’s a thing.) Hello sharper mind, body, skin and energy! But I’m forever forgetting to take pills so I’ve been loving my OnMi sleep patch to aid in deeper sleep throughout the week to hit my 4 REM cycles! I just stick it on before bed or a long plane ride. Then I PTFO. It's amazing. The CBD Sleep Patch is also great, because I get all the benefits of CBD without having to endure the taste of it. OH Bonus: I’m loving my Eight Sleep Bed to track my sleep fitness! Cools my bed at night then gentle vibrations wake me up peacefully. Obsessed.” -Umama

Thanks to the brand’s modular system, the Metro Kit snaps on and off (and can be transferred to other Metro bags)
Credit: @monostravel

Monos: Metro Duffel ($225)

“I recently upgraded my luggage to this duffel and check-in hard-shell suitcase in hopes of manifesting more travel in the year ahead. I've used it once so far on a trip to NYC and was pleasantly surprised at how much smoother it made hauling bags – the duffel straps onto the top of the suitcase and the wheels glide SO SMOOTHLY. Major upgrade; highly recommend.” -Kaleigh

Canopy uses a waterless technology to keep your space clean and mess-free
Credit: @get.canopy

Canopy: Aroma Diffuser ($90)

“I recently learned that traditional diffusers, when not maintained properly, can collect mold and spew harmful bacteria into the air we breathe. It was around the same time that I was introduced to Canopy's waterless, mistless aroma diffuser! While skeptical, the neutral, aesthetic design was super appealing to me–so I decided to give it a go. I got the premium aroma kit that is in collaboration with Prose. The smells? Amazing!! The intensity? I'm in control (three fan speeds)! The efficiency? I can have this little diffuser going in the basement, but smell it on the main level. In fact, my boyfriend loved it so much that he took it off of my desk to put on his, so I had to buy a second!! 11/10 recommend.” -Kristen

Tanks, jackets, leggings, pants, hats: you want it, Tracksmith has it (in amazing colors and patterns, no less)
Credit: @tracksmithrunning 

Tracksmith: Running Collection (from $42)

“After wearing the same workout clothes for years (and, I'm sorry but...noticing their stench), I've upgraded my workout wardrobe for 2022. My first stop? Tracksmith, the apparel brand endorsed by both Malcolm Gladwell and Rich Roll (runners, writers, podcasters -- and men who have my heart). The brand boasts of beautiful colorways, sleek styles, and best-in-class materials, so I'm excited to hit the pavement in it this year.” -Hallie

69Herbs products are handmade with 100% organic plants
Credit: @69herbs

Alexis Smart Flower Remedies ($42) + Coat My Nerves from 69Herbs ($22)

“Every few months (and especially at the start of the new year), I evaluate my herbal library to see how I can fine-tune the way I'm supporting my mental and physical health. I'm not talking eye-roll cleanses, but sustainable sidekicks that help me to feel my best. As a new year gift-to-self, I re-upped on some remedies from Alexis Smart, and snagged another bottle of Coat My Nerves from 69Herbs, which helps me to wind down at night (and slow my anxiety-prone roll in the mornings, too). I know I've mentioned these before in gift guides, but they're just that good.” -Zoë

With customizable features, Hatch works with your sleep routine for a chill evening and energized morning
Credit: @hatchforsleep

Hatch: Restore Smart Sleep Assistant ($129.99)

“My, oh my. I haven't been this enthralled with a new product in a bit. The Hatch Restore landed at my front door a few months ago, and I haven't been the same since. I could go on and on about this wonderful new addition to my life, but I will attempt to limit myself. First and foremost, I think we all know the sheer anxiety that comes with the first few notes of your iPhone alarm in the early hours of the day. The Restore comes with a library full of beautiful alarms (i.e. windchimes, chirping birds, tibetan bells, and so many more) that don't give you that same rush of adrenaline that Apple's "Radar" does. As well, the gentle sunrise to accompany the alarm is perfect for my bedroom which lacks natural light for most hours of the day. Not only does Hatch prioritize your wake-up routine, but it also puts extra emphasis on your wind-down routine by setting aside time with a reading light before transitioning to a sound machine. If a goal of yours for 2022 is to prioritize quality sleep, the Hatch Restore is a must.” -Rosemary

Olivieri1882’s panettones are made with natural sourdough that passes through a 48-hour double fermentation
Credit: @kirppis

Olivieri1882: Pear and Chocolate Panettone ($75)

“Having ‘enjoyed’ dry, bleh-tasting panettone in the past, I didn’t have high expectations for Olivieri1882’s version of this festive Italian treat. Never have I been so off the mark! Not only does Olivieri1882’s part-cake, part-bread hybrid arrive in a beautiful, portable package, it tastes sensational. Made 100% by hand with natural sourdough, the dough passes through a 72-hour double fermentation process that yields the most fluffy, airy texture I’ve ever seen. Every pillowy bite is packed with rich, complex flavor. The classic is speckled with raisins and candied oranges and infused with Tahitian bourbon vanilla, but the brand also shills delectable flavor combos: pear and chocolate, apricot and salted caramel, white chocolate and berries, and more. The holidays may be over, but as far as I’m concerned, panettone that's this good deserves year-round attention.” -Tiffany

hai’s Smart Showerhead is eco-friendly, spa-like, and cute AF
Credit: @get_hai

hai: Moon Smart Showerhead ($249)

“This smart, sustainability-centric showerhead is what dreams are made of; it's elevated a daily ritual of mine into a transcendent luxury. I enjoy showers, but with the hai showerhead I relish them. Here's what you're getting: a delicious spa mist setting, an LED alert for when your water is hot as well as when you should get out (have I mentioned it's eco-friendly?), water usage tracking over time, and a spray-controller slider, among others. It makes my bathroom feel like a spa. Trust me, it's a heavenly way to inject some bliss into your day, and is exactly the kind of upgrade that will be transformative to your 2022.” -Grace

Give your smartphone the boot from your nighttime routine with Loftie’s help 
Credit: @byloftie 

Loftie: Alarm Clock ($149)

“In an effort to break the bedtime custom of staring at our phones until we pass out, I bought my husband a Loftie -- the only chic designed alarm clock I was willing to sit bedside. Rather than having a phone next to the bed, we rely on Loftie's many outstanding features: multiple alarms; bedtime settings to lull us to sleep including breathwork, white noise machine/nature soundscapes, guided meditation and more; sleep timer and blackout mode. Loftie is more than just a pretty face as it also doubles as a bluetooth speaker. Noctural scrolling is officially a thing of the past (with phones now in another room), and sleep -- a hot commodity -- is all ours.” -Christine

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