I Tried Doe Lashes And I’m Never Looking Back

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I must come clean.  I have only used false lashes a handful of times…And perhaps that’s still an exaggeration. First was my senior year prom, last was my wedding… and I think there may be one or two courage-stricken holiday parties in between.

Each time ends up feeling much too similar to the time before – after a grueling 20 minutes of attempted application, I eventually get them on and feel confident (enough) to step out the door. From there, it’s a tossup as to if they will stay put or not.

For years, I’ve  considered false lashes to be one of those luxuries that few could afford… not just in the financial sense, but also in the sense of time and beauty. I didn’t understand how people wore them everyday, managed to apply them with ease, and looked so casual while wearing them out. All of my falsely perceived notions came crumbling down once I met Doe, the brand behind the Korean silk lashes that are designed for everyday wear.

The beginnings of the Perfect Lash Style quiz that curates a selection of lashes based on your wants and needs.

Enter: Doe

I’ve known about Doe for some time now. Amongst the sea of false lashwear brands, Doe stands out for its commitment to high-quality, easy-to-wear lashes that come at a relatively affordable price (given the fact that they’re hand-crafted with Korean silk fibers). But due to my extreme lack of experience, I kept pushing off ever trying them (or any lashes for that matter). I recently got around to giving them a go,  and I’m so glad I did.

Along with the classic, tried-and-true falsies, Doe also has a collection of 2.0 Lashes (think: the  older, wiser sister) and Neo Magnetic Lashes (think: the ‘cool friend’ that always has something up their sleeve). If you’re not familiar with falsies and the idea of ‘magnetic lashes’ has you stumped, you’re in good company – I, too, was taken aback. Let’s go ahead and dig into the differences between each collection and my firsthand experience.

An instant boost of serotonin when this bubblegum pink mailer arrived on my doorstep.

Your Lashes But Better: The Fairy

While I didn’t get to try any lashes from the Fairy collection, I sure wish I did! Many of the pairs in this collection were sold out, likely for good reason. These Fairy lashes are made with a clear lash band, making for seamless application and blending with your natural lashes. The lightest lashes made with wispy fibers designed to be the most natural appearing falsies offered,  a couple of the Fairy styles include Aura, Moonbeam, and more.

As the names give off, these lashes are airy and whimsical, perfect for beginners (like myself!) or anyone with smaller eyelids. While I can’t vouch for my own use of any of these styles, verified customers can. Take it from Allison who says the Aura are her ‘Holy Grail Lashes’ – 5 stars. Or,  from Nykole who says that the Moonbeam lashes are ‘perfect everyday lash’ – 5 stars.

Don’t Mess With Success: The 2.0

The 2.0 is a collection of lashes that are lighter and easier to apply than the other lash offerings. Crafted with a thinner, more flexible band, the 2.0 is designed to be comfortably worn all day (I did just that). After scouring the site, I decided to try the Really Really Lowkey style. As the name suggests, this pair of lashes is designed to be a natural looking lash that is really, really lowkey. They sounded perfect for someone like me who is new to the false eyelash game.

The second I removed them from their case, I immediately felt the difference. They are truly as light as a feather and feel incredibly comparable to real lashes, making it that much easier for them to blend in with your real lashes. I used Doe’s Lash Glue, which has more of a doe foot applicator, as opposed to the classic brush or squeeze tube I’m most familiar with. The application was just fine, though it didn’t get as tacky as I was expecting. I had better luck applying with a classic Duo Glue, but that may just be user error. If you have both on hand, it may be worth some A/B testing to see which is a best fit for you!

I wore my 2.0 lashes all day long. I put them on first thing in the morning, wore them through work, to meet a friend for coffee, and then onto a concert. It was nearly a 16 hour day, and the lashes did not budge a bit. While it took some time for my eyelids to acclimate to the weight of the lashes, they eventually felt really natural. I would say they lived up to the name of Really Really Lowkey.

Magnetic Lashes? Tell Me More

Once I got my package in the mail, I was eager to take the Neo lashes for a spin. I had heard of magnetic lashes in the past, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around just how a false eyelash could be magnetic. In case you’re also confused and/or intrigued: the real star of Doe’s magnetic lashes is the Neo-Liner. Made with skin and eye-safe iron oxides, this deeply pigmented magnetic eyeliner goes on like your traditional eyeliner. The tip is strong and pointed, which allows you to keep a steady hand and precise line. In order to attract, the Neo Lashes each have 10 small magnets that perfectly hug your eyelid shape. As someone who has only used glue in the past, this blew me away. A quick swipe above the lash line, 10 seconds to dry, line up the lashes, then – boom. You’re done. Easy.

I tried the Misty Eyed Neo Lashes since they seemed like the perfect balance of ‘subtle’ and ‘statement.’ The lashes themselves were the perfect length and added just the right amount of drama to my eye look. They were so easy to apply, which made my experience that much better! I do want to caveat, though, that in order for the lashes to do their proper job, the liner needs to line up in the thickness to the lash. I’d recommend these for someone who has a larger eyelid or is going for a more dramatic look. These lashes are incredible and are getting a permanent spot in my Friday night makeup routine.

Silver Lining, Soft Bloom, and Fairy Dust.

Doe, Take My Dough

Consider me converted. After spending many years thinking false lashes were reserved for a small subsect of people that had the time and could afford the investment,  I now realize that I couldn’t be more wrong. Doe keeps the costs low and makes applying and wearing lashes so incredibly easy. At the end of the day, if I can apply and proudly wear false eyelashes, I am quite certain that almost anyone can.

5 More Reasons To Love Doe:

  • More than just a false eyelash brand, Doe has recently expanded into colored contact lenses and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t eying a pair.
  • Doe is committed to being a vegan, cruelty free company.
  • Designed by Asian-Americans, Doe lashes are intended for eyelids of any shape, size and type. No matter if your eyes are hooded or if you have monolides, Doe is designed to fit your needs.
  • The ‘Perfect Lash Style’ quiz is so easy and gives you curated results based on your eye shape, experience, and desired look. Gone are the days of blindly purchasing a set of falsies at the drugstore.
  • Doe’s lashes are meant to be reused! Take good care of your lashes after each wear and you can get anywhere from 15 to 60 wears out of one pair.

It’s time to give Doe a go.

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