Forever Eye Mask: I Love You, Just Not Always And Forever

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Eye cream has always been that step in my skincare routine that tends to fall by the wayside. It’s not considered necessary, it comes as one of the last steps in my routine, and sometimes I am just too tired at night to squeeze in some time for this extra step. However, eye creams can do wonders to brighten my genetically-inherited dark eye circles when applied religiously. 

When I saw selfies circulating on Instagram late last year of people proudly showing off their Dieux Forever Eye Masks, I decided to add an eye cream to my nighttime skincare routine again. I’ll admit that the chic design and typeface really won me over, but after checking out the brand’s website, I learned that they also help gels, creams, and serums “to fully sink in [to the skin],” which to me was an added bonus. I’m all about getting the most out of my skincare products! 

Spa À La Maison

According to market research firm NPD, sales of personal care products “that helped to create a spa environment at home” reigned supreme amongst cosmetic sales in 2020. While the eye mask’s design is what initially won me over, I also felt that using these masks would mimic the experience of a day spent at a spa. Besides, the pandemic has introduced a lot of stress to our lives, so who wouldn’t want to take some time to relax by having an at-home spa experience? 

Credit: @micahllambeth

Introducing Dieux

Unlike other eye masks I’ve tried, Dieux’s Forever Eye Mask can be used more than once— which is a huge reason I was attracted to the brand in the first place. Designed using “100% medical grade silicone,” the brand also claims the mask “lasted 1 year before [the Dieux] logo started to fade with daily use” while undergoing testing. I don’t know about you, but when I purchase a product that’s aesthetically-pleasing, I want it to last a while, so for me, this claim was the cherry on top. Each Dieux product is also backed by scientific research and made using environmentally-friendly ingredients, meaning each product is designed with YOU and the planet top of mind. 

First Impressions

On the first night of using my eye mask, I was impressed. The mere act of placing them under my eyes and then laying in bed with them on for 10 minutes or so definitely helped calm my mind and body before heading off to sleep. From that night onwards, I used them everyday, and even in the mornings— a win win for the skin under my eyes. I loved popping this mask on while doing my makeup in the mornings. For one thing, it helped me stay on top of applying eye cream before putting on concealer. Plus, prepped under eyes make way for a smooth, crease-free concealer application. 

I loved popping this mask on while doing my makeup in the mornings. For one thing, it helped me stay on top of applying eye cream before putting on concealer.

Nothing Lasts Forever

After two months of use, so far so good. Once the third month of using this mask daily came around, I started experiencing problems with the eye pad for the left under eye. Within a minute after placing it on my skin, it started peeling off my under eye. It was a bummer, indeed, my eye cream was no longer getting that extra oomph needed to absorb into the skin, and it didn’t live up to its promises of lasting for up to a year.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love this mask, but I am disappointed its shelf life may not last as long as I hoped. Looking back on my experience with this mask, I seemed to have followed the instructions correctly. I made sure that I wiped off any remaining eye cream after use, cleaned them with water, and placed them in their tin box flat down. Perhaps I didn’t place the left pad face down in the box on some days or didn’t clean it as well as I thought I did? 

If you’re like me and love an aesthetically-pleasing eye mask and want to elevate your skincare routine experience, then go ahead and give this mask a try. Dieux designed these masks with the intention of reducing the amount of waste that comes from eye masks, so if you’re looking to reduce your beauty carbon footprint, they’re great for doing that too—for a while, at least. If you decide to purchase this mask, take those selfies ASAP! 

Credit: @monlabelle

5 More Reasons To Love Dieux: 

  1. The Forever Eye Mask won an Elle 2020 Future of Beauty Award in the Skin Treatments category. 
  2. If you’re new to the world of skincare or are itching to ask a question that you haven’t found the answer to, you can text SKIN CONFESSION to +1 310-361-3113, and a Dieux expert will be happy to answer your questions related to skincare. 
  3. Dieux has two other installments to its lineup: the Awakening Hand Sanitizer—for all your hand sanitizing needs—and Deliverance, a serum that placates skin irritation, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and balances the skin’s tone and texture. 
  4. Looking to improve your skincare literacy and learn more about Dieux’s products? Turn to Skin Bibles, the brand’s blog that addresses all things skincare. 
  5. Dieux sets itself apart from other brands in the beauty space by disclosing how it exactly determines its prices, so you, the consumer, can understand the logistics behind the cost.

Whether you're seeking sustainability, aesthetics, or both, Dieux has you covered. Try the Forever Eye Mask for yourself.

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