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I’ve worked from home for about nine years now. And while working from home can be freeing, flexible, and full of days spent working in pajamas, it can also feel…solitary. And isolating. That’s why I recently started a new quarterly tradition: booking a few days somewhere new to co-work with a fellow writer.

I always pick spots with their own little ecosystems already built in. If the place is dog-friendly, has a fitness center, holds events on-site, and has top-notch Wifi, I can travel to the location and not have to trek around once I’m there. I’m one who likes to stay put once I get somewhere on these types of trips. Here are four of my favorite “miniature ecosystems'' I've discovered in doing this…

The Maven - Denver

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Caption: The Maven pairs a first-class co-working space with plenty to do in the evenings.

The Maven is an independent hotel in downtown Denver, located in a neighborhood known as the Dairy Block. Thanks to 15 shops, 19 restaurants, seven bars, a gym, and a luxury co-working space on-site, I didn’t run out of things to do while I was there. I ended up staying put, but The Maven does offer a courtesy car that will take you anywhere within a two-mile radius (for free!).

The Maven checked off every item on my list. Dog-friendly? Check; just pay a fee of $50/pet per night and sign a waiver. On-site events? Check—there was drag bingo, live music, and more. There was also great art on display, making the experience more than just a comfortable office away from the office.

Four Seasons St. Louis

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Caption: St. Louis is so underrated as a travel destination.

You can never go wrong with the Four Seasons. But this one’s location in the heart of St. Louis—so close to the Arch that you can order “Arch view rooms”—is one of my all-time favorites as a Midwest gal.

As you guessed, this Four Seasons also functions as a miniature ecosystem for co-working. On-site, there’s a sky terrace pool, 22,000 square feet (!!) of spa facilities, and an outdoor terrace for seating and co-working. The Wifi is top-notch, there’s a fitness center for keeping the gym habit going, and, of course, it’s pet-friendly.

The Four Seasons is such a self-sustaining ecosystem, it even offers private residences for rent. That’s not exactly what I had in mind for a quick working getaway, but it’s a nice reminder of how easy it can be to live and work somewhere else—if even for a little while.

The Hoxton - Chicago

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Content: The Hoxton is ideal for co-working options from a great neighborhood.

The Hoxton is a key to the Fulton Market district, a neighborhood containing coffee shops, hotels, dozens of restaurants, several bars, and activities ranging from golf to rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders.  

Why The Hoxton specifically? Prime co-working space at Working From_. I don’t mind a public space for co-working—that’s sort of the point of getting out of your house—but no matter your privacy preferences, this space offers something. There are private rooms if you want one, phone booths for taking calls, lots of well-furnished shared space, and a kitchen/coffee bar (staffed with its own barista!) The Day Pass costs only $30/person/day.

As for my ecosystem checklist? This spot has virtually everything. A yoga studio and Pelotons on site, the Hox Shop for snacks and drinks, “The Apartment” for private events or photo/video production, and three restaurants right under the same roof. It was a miracle I managed to get myself to leave.

Eagle Ridge Resort - Galena, IL

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Caption: Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena, IL is great for a retreat-style co-working space, or for hosting events (especially in fall.)

Eagle Ridge Resort proves you don’t need to be in the middle of a bustling city to find your ideal ecosystem. This expansive resort has 150 homes/villas across its 6,800 acres in Galena, Illinois. I opted for a house, which I found great for co-working and feeling at home. This location has everything from zip lines and hot air balloon rides to boat rentals and horseback riding. And, of course, it has pet-friendly options.

Tips for finding your next coworking spot

  • Build your list of “must-haves” and double-check the location’s amenities before you visit. For me, anything that isn’t pet-friendly is a no-go.
  • Find your favorite place and use that as your model. What are the amenities they offered that made the trip unforgettable?

Pack light. Part of the appeal of an ecosystem approach is that you shouldn’t have to worry about bringing everything you’ll need. It should feel low-effort. Otherwise, you’re just making more work for yourself.

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