Cuts Clothing Review: A Proprietary Fabric Makes This The Perfect Transitional T-Shirt

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What is Cuts Clothing?

There are producers aplenty that claim to manufacture the perfect T-shirt. Some suggest theirs will age like fine wine, while others insist their tops are the best fitting, flush across the chest and just right around the waist. Cuts, a Los Angeles-based label founded in 2016 by Steven Borrelli, instead favors customizability. The brand’s designs are simple, yes—minimalist, most would argue—but they’re cut (pun intended) from a proprietary fabric called Pyca. Borrelli funded the original innovation through Kickstarter, which led to the formation of Cuts’ current collection—a mix of sweatshirts, polos and T-shirts designed for the “sport of business.”

All of them are made from Pyca, the aforementioned ultra-premium, high stretch fabric born from a tri-blend of materials: cotton, polyester, and rayon. This combination offers wrinkle protection, color retention and long-term softness. (One won’t crease if you crumple it in your bag; fade if you wash it; or pill if you wear it often.) Plus, I found, through a few weeks of testing, the T-shirts retained their shape, even when stretching them while exercising.

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How to Shop at Cuts Clothing: At a Glance

At Cuts Clothing, you can design your ideal T-shirt style from the hemline to the collar. First, you’ll need to identify how you’d like your shirt to fit, whether tighter or regular. Next, you’ll need to choose a cut (hence the name), with an option of a split-hem or an elongated bottom cut. Lastly, you can choose between a crew, V-neck, and henley-style collar. Once your perfect T-shirt is crafted you can select the style in various colors. 

Here’s how to shop at cuts clothing in 3 steps:

  • First Step: Fit Type
    • Fitted 
    • Regular style
  • Second Step: Cut Type
    • Regular
    • Split-hem
    • Elongated bottom cut
  • Third Step: Collar Type
    • Crew
    • V-neck
    • Henley collar

Once the desired shirt style has been narrowed down, all the consumer has to do is choose the color they want and they’re good to go.

The Athletes’ Approval

Cuts has certainly caught on with athletes: NBA players Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmp and Damian Lilliard have been seen sporting the brand’s designs. So too have NFL stars Patrick Mahomes and Rob Gronkowski. They rely on Cuts’ high performance apparel for the in-between moments: lunch between practice, the interviews after and errands—yes, they run them, too!

Credit: @cuts

Cuts has also caught the attention of several publications. Wired says the “custom PYCA fabric has led to unmatched style, innovative comfort and the perfect fit.” “They created the only shirt worth wearing,” GQ writes. Forbes touches on their versatility, saying the simple shirt “suits any occasion, from the boardroom to the beach and everything in between.” Plenty of wear-testers approved and we were intrigued by the brand’s promise.

Far From Vintage

While vintage T-shirts might be (and have sort of always been) the rage, whether for their worn in feel or aesthetic, a practical, performing top proves essential, even if reserved for workouts or weekends off. Cuts makes modern, minimalist shirts in a suite of cuts and styles. Their T-shirts come in crew, v-neck or henley necklines, and, at the bottom, in a classic, curved style, split down the side or elongated (for an oversized fit). Each, the brand argues, offers its own benefits, and pairs best with different outfits or settings.

The Classic Curve Hem, they claim, is an “elevated regular bottom cut” akin to the way a dress shirt looks. The style “eliminates bunching around the waist” and offers a more “traditional fitting body.” The Split Hem’s “dynamic functionality lends to a casual yet distinctive look”—aka a bit more room through the torso. Last, the Elongated look is “crafted with the modern man in mind,” they say, referencing the rise of streetwear. They say the “extended curve demonstrates true class with urban feel.”

Cuts = Custom

Credit: @cuts

Cuts’ success is rooted in its ability to cater to a wide array of customers—and the challenges of their day-to-day. Yes, the brand has some high-profile ambassadors, but the bulk of their base is guys like you and me.Thus, Cuts has made finding the right T-shirt easy. You’re able to pick your color (of which there are dozens divided into two categories, Staples and Seasonal) and the two most prominent design features, the neck and hem. That means, if you love pink shirts, henley tops, and that sort of modern, streetwear style, you can order it—and it will remain unchanged by the next time you need a new one. You’ll know exactly what to expect if you switch to a sweatshirt or a polo, because they’re all made from PYCA or PYCA Pro. Plus, you’ll know they won’t clash; Cuts designs their products to pair well with each other, essentially forming an ecosystem of options that fill out your wardrobe.

Our Thoughts On Popular Cuts Clothing Pieces

We’ve tested and vetted popular styles from Cuts Clothing to give you the inside scoop on what’s worth it from the brand.

AO Curve-Hem Tee 

I’ll come out and say it at the top: the Cuts AO Curve-Hem Tee is my favorite t-shirt. While the cut and style of the shirt is the main reason why people love it, I was actually more impressed with the fabric quality. The fabric is super soft and has a bit of stretch to it. Most importantly, it doesn’t fade, pill, or fray in the wash (even my other premium tees can’t match that.) And the fit is also pretty special, though I think Cuts tees are definitely on the small side. 

AO Jogger

I’ve seen a lot of brands tout their joggers as “everyday” staples, but this is the first set of joggers I’ve worn that I actually feel like I’m “dressing up” when I put them on.  The fabric is thick and sturdy, so they have a professional look to them. I love that the inseam isn’t too long—I got the size L (waist size 34), and the cuff sits just above my ankle. To me, this is the perfect length for a pair of joggers. They look crisp and cool unlike a set of pajamas or workout clothes you just decided to wear to dinner. And, the AO Jogger paired with the Prestige Polo and a clean pair of sneakers? I give the look a Borelli-style Italian meatball air kiss. It’s the outfit I put together when I want to look relaxed, cool, and like I ball hard, but in a humble manner. 

Hyperloop Hoodie

I’m always looking for a great new hoodie, so I picked up Cuts’ new Hyperloop Hoodie. Unlike the rest of my order, I decided to go with an XL size, rather than the L. Interestingly, the shoulders still fit me perfectly, though the fit has more room in the torso and is longer. I didn’t even realize that the Hyperloop Hoodie has two pockets in the sides for your hands when I bought it—I barely use these, but when it’s a chilly day, they can definitely help keep my hands warm. The pockets make the fit a little more boxy and less tapered toward the waist. That said, I like my hoodies with more room in them. If it’s a particularly cold day, I’m usually wearing something thicker underneath, so having a looser fit helps a lot. I’m also a big fan of the hood and neckline. Rather than a standard hoodie, it has a Jedi-style hood—I don’t know how else to describe it:

Prestige Polo

While the Prestige Polo is lower on the list of Cuts popular items, it’s actually one of my favorite things in the whole bunch. I used to never like polos, but that’s because the collar would always get floppy, the fabric would usually stretch out, and the arms never looked right. But the Prestige Polo looks rich, fits right, and the fabric doesn’t get stretched and loose. Plus, the curved hem elevates this polo beyond your standard frat-fare. 

I know the Cuts tees are meant to be “professional,” but call me old-fashioned: I just think you need more than a t-shirt to nail the business casual look. But that’s why I like the Prestige Polo so much—it’s firmly business casual, but it’s still cool looking. 

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Cuts Clothing FAQs

Not all T-shirts are made the same way. Before any consumer decides to spend a little more on their T-shirt, there are bound to be questions as to what makes each one special. And Cuts are no different. So, here we answer some of the most common questions prior to making your first purchase with them.

Is Cuts clothing worth it?

Cuts clothing seems to be worth it for most consumers. If you want clothes that last longer and are willing to pay a slightly higher price for them, then Cuts may be for you. Their products are not only made to last longer, but also to move, fit, and feel better with you.

Does Cuts clothing shrink?

Not really. The Pyca tri-blend fabric they use is similar to pre-shrunk fabrics a consumer may have seen before.  This means there may be minimal shrinkage after the first washing or two, but not even enough to really notice. Therefore, the Cuts shirt fits when a consumer first gets it is how it will fit for the longevity of the product.

How long does Cuts Clothing take to ship orders?

Typically, a Cuts order will ship out within 24 hours of the order being placed. If expedited shipping has been paid for, you can expect your Cuts order within 2-3 business days after it’s been shipped. If standard shipping was chosen, however, the Cuts order can take 5-7 business days to get to the consumer instead.

What is Cuts Clothing’s returns & exchange policy?

If you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, you’ll have 20 days to return or exchange the item. All Cuts returns and exchanges have to meet the following criteria in order to be accepted: They must be in the original barcoded bag, unwashed, and unworn. You have 20 days to return said item from the original delivery date. 

Cuts offers free returns and exchanges by partnering with Happy Returns. This company has over 2600 physical locations where you can drop your returns/exchanges at nationwide. Please note that Cuts does not take any returns or exchanges on accessory items though.

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