With A Proprietary Fabric, Cuts Clothing Makes The Perfect Transitional T-Shirt

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There are producers aplenty that claim to manufacture the perfect T-shirt. Some suggest theirs will age like fine wine, while others insist their tops are the best fitting, flush across the chest and just right around the waist. Cuts, a Los Angeles-based label founded in 2016 by Steven Borrelli, instead favors customizability. The brand’s designs are simple, yes—minimalist, most would argue—but they’re cut (pun intended) from a proprietary fabric called Pyca. Borrelli funded the original innovation through Kickstarter, which led to the formation of Cuts’ current collection—a mix of sweatshirts, polos and T-shirts designed for the “sport of business.”

All of them are made from Pyca, the aforementioned ultra-premium, high stretch fabric born from a tri-blend of materials: cotton, polyester, and rayon. This combination offers wrinkle protection, color retention and long-term softness. (One won’t crease if you crumple it in your bag; fade if you wash it; or pill if you wear it often.) Plus, I found, through a few weeks of testing, the T-shirts retained their shape, even when stretching them while exercising.

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The Athletes’ Approval

Cuts has certainly caught on with athletes: NBA players Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmp and Damian Lilliard have been seen sporting the brand’s designs. So too have NFL stars Patrick Mahomes and Rob Gronkowski. They rely on Cuts’ high performance apparel for the in-between moments: lunch between practice, the interviews after and errands—yes, they run them, too!

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Cuts has also caught the attention of several publications. Wired says the “custom PYCA fabric has led to unmatched style, innovative comfort and the perfect fit.” “They created the only shirt worth wearing,” GQ writes. Forbes touches on their versatility, saying the simple shirt “suits any occasion, from the boardroom to the beach and everything in between.” Plenty of wear-testers approved and we were intrigued by the brand’s promise.

Far From Vintage

While vintage T-shirts might be (and have sort of always been) the rage, whether for their worn in feel or aesthetic, a practical, performing top proves essential, even if reserved for workouts or weekends off. Cuts makes modern, minimalist shirts in a suite of cuts and styles. Their T-shirts come in crew, v-neck or henley necklines, and, at the bottom, in a classic, curved style, split down the side or elongated (for an oversized fit). Each, the brand argues, offers its own benefits, and pairs best with different outfits or settings.

The Classic Curve Hem, they claim, is an “elevated regular bottom cut” akin to the way a dress shirt looks. The style “eliminates bunching around the waist” and offers a more “traditional fitting body.” The Split Hem’s “dynamic functionality lends to a casual yet distinctive look”—aka a bit more room through the torso. Last, the Elongated look is “crafted with the modern man in mind,” they say, referencing the rise of streetwear. They say the “extended curve demonstrates true class with urban feel.”

Cuts = Custom

Credit: @cuts

Cuts’ success is rooted in its ability to cater to a wide array of customers—and the challenges of their day-to-day. Yes, the brand has some high-profile ambassadors, but the bulk of their base is guys like you and me.Thus, Cuts has made finding the right T-shirt easy. You’re able to pick your color (of which there are dozens divided into two categories, Staples and Seasonal) and the two most prominent design features, the neck and hem. That means, if you love pink shirts, henley tops, and that sort of modern, streetwear style, you can order it—and it will remain unchanged by the next time you need a new one. You’ll know exactly what to expect if you switch to a sweatshirt or a polo, because they’re all made from PYCA or PYCA Pro. Plus, you’ll know they won’t clash; Cuts designs their products to pair well with each other, essentially forming an ecosystem of options that fill out your wardrobe.

My (Personal) Opinion

Both styles I tried, a green (aka “Laurel Oak”) T-shirt with a henley neck and a curved hem and a black one with a crew neck and a curved hem, feel tailored: tighter in the armpits than most tees and slimmer through the sleeves. They pull nicely across the chest, while the shoulders feel snug and proportionate. The curved hem, I’d argue, is a stylish, albeit “in” trend, but I favor the split hem, which offers a more traditional (although still modern) look and feel.

That being said, high-performance, almost Under Armour-like T-shirts aren’t typically my cup of tea. However, Cuts’ shirts, which are more park date than they are parkour, prove appropriate for casual settings. Whether you’re working in a startup where employees favor labels like Lululemon and Everlane or stocking up on summer essentials—be it for outdoor sports or laid back bar dates—Cuts has comfortable shirts that emphasize fit and functionality.

5 More Reasons To Love Cuts:

1. Cuts’ high-quality shirts are made from a proprietary fabric called Pyca, an ultra-soft, almost buttery material.

2. Every shirt is wrinkle resistant.

3. You can shop by both hem and neckline.

4. Cuts’ shirts come in an array of seasonal and special edition colors.

5. The fabric freely stretches and doesn’t inhibit range of motion.

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