How Curology Cured My Hormonal Acne: My Honest Curology Skincare Review

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Hormonal acne can be pretty soul-sucking. It’s easier to stay at home than leave the house caking on layers of makeup. We eventually lose the motivation to do any skincare routine, because nothing seems to work.

After I lost access to health insurance at 25, my hormonal acne took over my life. What started as a few pimples evolved into a full crater face takeover. Everyone felt entitled to give me their unsolicited skincare advice. They’d suggest seeing a dermatologist, getting expensive medication, or washing my face (as if I didn’t do that).

After assessing my stress levels and hormonal changes, my friend Brittany told me about how Curology helped cure her acne. She made me sign up on the spot with her referral code. Little did I know, just a few short months later, I was going to brave the world with a bare face – confidently.

Here’s The Scoop

Curology is an online skincare platform on a mission to make skincare convenient and accessible. Founded by dermatologist Dr. David Lortscher, Curology connects members with access to dermatology providers. Curology specializes in prescribing personalized acne treatments without expensive health insurance.

Getting started on Curology is super easy. I started off by taking their skin quiz, which asked me questions to understand my health and skin goals. Since this is a completely virtual platform, the provider requests photos to assess the skin and track progress.

Curology asks you to upload 3 photos to get an accurate assessment of your skin.

Curology also provides free educational resources to help people understand and treat their skincare. I read more about how hormonal acne can typically be caused by stress, hormonal imbalances, birth control, and skincare products.

Within 24 hours, I received a custom formula with powerful ingredients picked out by my provider, Heather Endicott, NP-C. My custom hormonal acne formula included Zinc pyrithione, Clindamycin, and Niacinamide (these powerful ingredients would cost hundreds after paying for an expensive dermatologist visit). Also, I had the peace of mind knowing my Curology prescription didn’t come with the health risk factors I was concerned with about the competitor, Accutane.

I got started with a free trial offer that included a 90-day supply of prescription formula, medical provider prescription, and access to consultation credits. Then, I automatically subscribed to the Large Superbottle that shipped and charged every 2 months at $39.90. Everything was shipped right to my door!

A Look At My Routine

Once I received the formula, it was game time. My Curology provider reminded me to keep my routine simple and consistent. Results typically take 6-8 weeks, but for some, it may be sooner.

I followed the prescribed routine religiously every night. The first few uses did cause a little tingle in my face but naturally adjusted with consistent use. In the first three weeks, I saw inflammation calm down, little to no signs of new active pimples, and overall brighter skin.

The psychological momentum from my progress encouraged me to pick up other skin care habits: eating a more plant-based diet, upgrading to clean makeup, drinking more water, adding in a hormonal supplement, etc.

And dare I say it…I went days without wearing makeup outside. I felt so confident.

Take A  Look At These Results!

Curology 6-month transformation

Wow…it worked.

It was a 6-month journey that turned into a lifestyle. I transparently shared the whole journey on my Instagram for my friends to see the highs and lows. Through it all, I stuck to the Curolgy rules: keep it simple and consistent.

My friends were amazed by my transformation.

So many shared their stories of hope knowing it was possible for normal people without an elaborate 12-step skincare routine. Along the way, people reached out sharing their mental health battles with societal pressures to have flawless filtered skin. This is something Curology tackles and offers resources to seek help about. It is as much of a mental journey of self-love as it is an epidermal transformation.

The glow-up is real, y’all. Now to conquer my acne scars!  

My transformation is 1 of 10,000+ positive reviews from Curology members. If you need a little extra motivation, check out these transformations. When you sign up, you can join a members-only community (this truly inspired my journey!).

The Curology Custom Formula Superbottle subscription changed my life. The $39.90 subscription for a 60-day supply was a no-brainer investment for my confidence. The brand also offers a Curology Set for $29.95 a month or Small Superbottle for $19.95 per month. Now that I’m onto the next stage of my skincare journey, I love that Curology has expanded its product line with maintenance products like the Cleanser and Moisturizer Duo, Acne Body Wash, Sunscreen, and more!

Curology’s #1 Fan

5 More Reasons to Love Curology:

1. Access high-quality skincare prescribed by dermatology providers without insurance.

2. Try the 30-day free trial for brighter and clearer skin.

3. Choose your affordable subscription: Get a 60-day supply with the Large Superbottle for $39.90, 30-day Small Superbottle for $19.90, or Curology Set with the Cleanser and Moisturizer Duo for $29.95 a month.

4. Check out the 10,000+ positive reviews and transformations
5. Try Curology’s other skincare products Cleanser and Moisturizer Duo, Acne Body Wash, Sunscreen, and more for maintaining great skin.

Say goodbye to acne. Get Curology now.

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