This Outdoor Table from Castlery Makes Dining Al Fresco A Must

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After years and years of dense city living, I'm finally in a living space that has an outdoor area. And whether you have one at your place or not, you don't need me to tell you it's a lifesaver. The last thing I want to do during summer is stay cooped up inside when I could be enjoying dinner over sunset – and the same is doubly true when I'm entertaining.

From May to September, I try to turn the oven on as seldom as possible, but even my most valiant attempts at a stovetop meal turn the nearby dining room into a sauna. So recently I decided to get creative, to keep the heat in the kitchen while moving cocktail hour outside. But my five mismatched Adirondack chairs and a folding table I've had for six years now could only get me so far. It was time to take the plunge and invest in a real-deal outdoor dining table.

It didn't take long before my search led me to Castlery, one of the rare brands that delivers gorgeous, bespoke designs at prices that are actually affordable. In a landscape of luxury retailers that operate in an unattainable realm, Castlery offers a breath of fresh air. And we aren't the only ones who've noticed.

The Rio Set is the star of our backyard oasis

A Steady Climb

Since its founding nearly a decade ago in 2013, Castlery has expanded from its original headquarters in Singapore to a massively popular international DTC model. Inspired by co-founder Declan Ee's ability to curate his home with gorgeous, unique furniture he found while traveling (and that was cheaper to buy and ship home than the mass market options he'd seen in stores), Castlery's mission became cutting down on overhead to meet customers at the right price point. 

That approach paid off in spades, and has now led the brand to enter the US market with a product line perfect for summer entertaining. While I was quickly hypnotized by everything from the brand’s sofas to storage solutions, I came to Castlery’s site with a mission. Outdoor dining was the target at hand, and table-wise I found three great options. The Sierra's rounded edges give it a poolside chic look, and Sorrento's statelier vibe would look at home on a gorgeous lawn, but for my set-up the thumbnail that caught my eye was the Rio Teak Dining Table. It was time for a deeper dive.

Photo credit: Castlery

Heading Down To Rio

Part of what makes the Rio so irresistible is the flexibility it provides with seating. It's available in several different sizes and permutations: 4 chairs; a bench and 2 chairs; 6 chairs; and lastly, a bench and 4 chairs. That last option (on sale right now for $2,779) was the home run for me, a way to seat six guests comfortably without closing off the entire table with chair backs. The quality of the teak wood came as no surprise, since the name of the game here is standing up to the elements, but I was stunned by how sophisticated the upholstery is. 

The chair and bench cushions are made with olefin, a soft, lightweight but durable material that looks and feels so much more fine than the polyester usually used in outdoor textiles. Everywhere I looked I noticed charming details: the woven backrest design, the geometry of the U-shaped table legs, the way the umbrella hole was designed to accommodate different sizes. Everything from the seating height to the table clearance was clearly executed with intention, and points to a product I could trust to last me through many summers (and winters) to come.

Photo credit: Castlery

Castlery clearly believes in that same durability, since the brand offers a 3 year warranty for the frame and 1 year for the cushions with an option for extending. With quick delivery times and no assembly required besides attaching the bench and table legs, this is a true no-brainer – and a far cry from the breakdowns I've had in one too many furniture showrooms. The convenience of ordering Castlery right to your door is truly the cherry on top of an exceptional product. So whether you're a seasoned garden party thrower or you're just dipping your toes into new waters, the Rio Teak Dining Table is equally perfect for making memories under sunny skies or summer starlight. Take it from a very satisfied customer.

The Rio Bench expands seating while allowing for different arrangements based on our entertaining needs

5 More Reasons to Do Your Backyard Up in Castlery:

  1. If those trips to the Ikea showroom bring you joy instead of existential dread (you're stronger than I am…), you'll have a blast touring Castlery's Virtual Studio to see how Castlery’s products lay out as a whole.
  2. Outdoor furniture like the Rio also comes with optional coverings – because even waterproof wood deserves a break on rainy days.
  3. With an average customer rating of 4.8/5 stars over 9,000+ reviews, you can hear from plenty of customers like you on the products they know and love.
  4. Found a style you love and want more, more, more? Lucky for you Castlery’s furniture comes in complementary sets, so you can avoid any hodgepodge and keep things curated.
  5. If the seasonal deals aren’t enough, take advantage of Castlery's referral program, where you can give your friends $50 off and get $50 off yourself after their first purchase of $500 or more.

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