The $99 Birdy Grey Bridesmaid Dress that’s Saving My Bank Account -- And Wedding Season

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In 2020, weddings everywhere were postponed, canceled, or shifted into microweddings or elopements. Now, with the cultural return of gatherings, weddings are on the rise. It’s probable that your 2022 calendar is quickly filling up with both new weddings and all of the weddings that were continually postponed throughout the pandemic. People everywhere are going to be invited to, in, or attending multiple weddings over the next 12-24 months -- so buckle up, bank accounts.

As someone that works in the wedding industry and also happens to be a bridesmaid in multiple weddings throughout 2022, I tasked myself with finding the most convenient, affordable, and stylish bridesmaid dresses to help alleviate the financial stress of being in a wedding party, or in this case, multiple wedding parties. Luckily for you, I’ve found the goldmine of affordable bridesmaid dresses that look stunning without breaking the bank. Meet Birdy Grey -- an online-first brand offering bridesmaids dresses all for $99 or less.

Making Wedding Planning A Piece Of Cake

If you’re a bride (or groom), you might be realizing the struggles of planning a wedding when everyone else is also trying to plan theirs at the same time. The Wedding Report projects there will be more than 2.5 million weddings in 2022 -- the most we’ve seen in the US since 1984. This is leaving couples to deal with a limited choice of venues, supply chain impacts on inventory, difficulties in finding a photographer with an open weekend...the list can go on. Dressing your bridal party should be one of the easiest tasks to check off your list. And with Birdy Grey, it definitely is.

Maybe you’re a Pinterest bride that knows every detail of how your big day will go down, or maybe you’re just getting started and trying to decide your color palettes. In either case, Birdy Grey has free resources that make decision making easier. Need general inspiration? The brand offers free, downloadable mood boards for every color (and even has options if you want to mix and match!). If you already know your colors and just want a few swatches to touch and feel, Birdy Grey also offers up to three color swatches at no cost (only $2 each if you need more than three)! If you need even more inspiration, you can find it in Birdy’s real weddings gallery featuring past bridal parties.

Birdy Grey’s many shades of mauve allow groups to beautifully mix & match. Gif from

Friends Don’t Let Friends Waste Money On Single-wear Dresses 

Weddings are not only an investment for the couple of honor -- they can also require thousands of dollars for each person in the wedding party. Not only are your party people investing money in travel, gifts, and planning celebrations, they’re also tasked with purchasing their wedding day look (one that we likely won’t ever get to wear again). 

Thankfully, all of Birdy Grey’s dresses are $99 or less, with standard and inclusive sizing up to 3XL, and many styles can ship to you within 5-8 days.

Looking across the marketplace, bridesmaid dresses can average anywhere from $150-300, with six to seven week shipping timelines and weird sizing that no one really understands. Thankfully, all of Birdy Grey’s dresses are $99 or less, with standard and inclusive sizing up to 3XL, and many styles can ship to you within 5-8 days. And just in case $99 wasn’t already affordable enough, Birdy Grey’s sales page has certain styles and colors for as low as $49 -- an unheard of price point for a quality bridesmaid dress. Alleviating the financial burden of being a wedding guest with affordable outfitting is a win-win for all parties. 

Stunning wedding party dressed in Birdy Grey Cabernet & SuitShop Navy Blue for the perfect fall color palette.
Shot by Chrissy Marie Photo

An Outfit Well-Suited For Everyone In Your Party

At such a down-market price, there comes a question of quality, but I am here to tell you that I was blown away when I received my first Birdy Grey dress. As I took my first look at my new gown, I could tell this was the real deal; on top of the quality that I could already see and feel, the package also came packed with a little quick fix kit, complete with a safety pin and fashion tape. Such a nice touch! 

The quick fix kit included with my Birdy Grey dress was such a brilliant touch I haven’t seen from competitors!

I received the Maria Convertible in Cabernet. It’s a gorgeous deep maroon color chiffon with convertible straps that can be worn thin, thick, or as sleeves. As someone who struggles to find clothing that I find flattering to my arms, I loved having the options to adjust the straps to my liking. Not only that, but IT HAS POCKETS. This is groundbreaking news. While I love the Maria Convertible, some of the brand’s other chiffon dresses can do even more. My favorite style is the Grace Convertible (named after founder Grace Lee). This dress does it all: it can have straps or sleeves, be a halter, single-shouldered, or strapless -- it truly is the most versatile convertible dress I’ve found. However, if you want to leave chiffon behind altogether, Birdy Grey has a few other drool-worthy fabrics. Both the trendy, liquid-metal-like satin and edgy crepe are sure to impress guests and turn heads at any wedding. There's a color, cut, and fabric for every style.

Beyond Birdy Grey’s bridesmaid's dresses, the brand also offers a range of groomsmen (or suit-wearing people) accessories that perfectly complement the dress colors like bow ties, neckties, and pocket squares. Not only that, but Birdy Grey has teamed up with a DTC suiting brand, SuitShop, to offer a condensed collection of suits, meaning you can dress the whole wedding party in just one place. These suits are also priced affordably, look great, and ready to ship straight to you, all for just $194 to own.

Saved By The Dress

If you’re planning a wedding and want your BFFs to look gorgeous while also saving them money wherever possible, Birdy Grey is the clear choice. A curated assortment of different styles, fabrics, and shades makes it easy to mix and match the perfect look for your wedding while respecting your friends’ bank accounts. If you’re in an upcoming wedding party yourself but worry about expenses, tell your bride-to-be about Birdy Grey -- they’ll be so grateful to have found a simple solution to bridesmaid outfitting!

Lastly, if you’re a guest that’s not in a wedding party but have made it this far, Birdy Grey still has something for you, too. You can pick up one of many mid-length or floor-length gowns, sure to fit the dress code no matter the wedding mood.

I didn’t read the description, so I was very excited to discover pockets on the Maria Convertible

5 More Reasons to Love Birdy Grey:

  • Birdy Grey was named “Best Place to Buy Bridesmaids Dresses Online” by The Knot, Brides, and Popsugar.
  • The brand makes sure everyone in the bridal party is welcome to shop. The size range is one of the most inclusive for bridesmaid’s wear, ranging from XS to 3XL for every body type.
  • Buzzfeed said it best: “Finally, a dress your bridal party won’t resent you for making them buy”. Saving even just $50 on a convertible dress that can be worn more than once can make a huge difference to a bridesmaid’s event budget.
  • Free exchanges for up to 45 days. If you try on the dress and don’t love it, Birdy Grey has a super easy and convenient return policy -- the brand will even cover the shipping. Great customer service is part of the Birdy Grey experience.
  • Birdy Grey is female-founded and has a majority female team. There’s a confidence that comes with buying dresses by women, for women. 

Save a pretty penny-- and look cute while doing so!

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