TQE’s FYP: The Notes App Is the Key to the Soul

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Welcome to TQE’s FYP (For You Page, in case you’re not used to the language of the TikTokers), an all-you-need guide to the most dominant topics, products, formats, and songs trending across TikTok and Reels.

This week on TQE's FYP:

  • A crucial generation of high school & college TikTokers are graduating from school—also reflecting a curiosity about Greek life and partying on some campuses, resulting in a slew of graduation content.
  • Girls are sharing the simultaneously emotional and mundane content of their notes apps.
  • Taylor Swift is also seemingly experiencing a massive resurgence in popularity, turning fans up a notch who are sharing their Eras tour outfits, details, and similar.

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You might as well have earned your diploma too.

As stewards of Internet culture, you’ve probably heard us mention Alix Earle, a University of Miami senior who just said sayonara. Her up-all-night lifestyle and bubbly “get ready with me” videos captivated the Internet and she is arguably the Tik Tok influencer of the last year or so with 5.2 million followers. And she just graduated.

@alixearle Im so sad about moving out but at least my lips look good and juicy @YSL Beauty #yslbeautypartner #umiami #moving ♬ original sound - alix earle

On the flip side, college attendees (or hopeful attendees) are getting honest about the pros, cons, and indecisions of the application and commitment process. There’s getting into your dream school, sure, but what about all the other factors that go into your decision?


Anyways FAFSA is so unfair to middle class families

♬ som original - vivi.

Collegiate life captivates watchers for a few reasons, rewarding party-hard or dark academia aesthetics on fitting campuses. The decision of the NCAA to allow athletes to rake in brand partnership only intensified this fascination. Youngins watch for anticipation, adults watch for nostalgia and curiosity, and the generation now filming and receiving degrees grew up right in the thick of things.

Case in point: ever heard of Bama Rush Tok? Those of us who grew up in the South were no strangers to hearing friends and acquaintances agonize over the process, but it reached a new audience a year or so ago who were obsessed with the undue intensity of the university’s sorority rush. In fact, HBO is even releasing a documentary on the subject coming out this summer, tackling both the good and the bad.

Notes apps aren’t just for 2013 Tumblr posts anymore. TikTok’s releasing them too.

If you’re anything like us, your notes app is riddled with grocery lists, reminders, song lyrics you almost Shazam’d, this trends report (okay, that one’s just me), and some serious angst about some heart-wrenching relationship or situationship, with drafts of texts agonizing over exactly the right words to use in response to a text argument. And later: the emotional debrief to yourself spilling out your soul and tears. Bonus points if it’s time-stamped at 2 A.M.

Anyhow, TikTok’s capitalized on the ubiquity of the notes app variety with this show and tell trend: “don’t go through a girl’s notes app” with users sharing the hall of fame of their individual notes. The hashtag #notesapp has 162 million views (although do note that not all of them are related to this specific trend.

If you were frustrated with TicketMaster in the last year, this trend is for you.

Taylor Swift has that kind of amorphous manic popularity that ripples through ages and demographics. I had no idea this many people were die-hard fans until they came out of the woodwork? With the pop star on her Eras tour—and a PR team working overtime—fans have flocked to Instagram and TikTok to share their tour outfits, adventures, the lengths they went to in order to get tickets, spoilers, and more. One video, depicting a Nashville concert in the rain, received over 20 million views and 4.6 million likes.

@frannie.easter Rain show with Taylor Swift, what could be better? I think they can see us from space 🤫#taylorswift #rainshow #nashville #erastour #dontblameme ♬ original sound - frannie_easter

Lest TQE turn into a celeb gossip site, we’ll also share that Swift recently split from her long-term boyfriend and seemingly started dating the main singer from The 1975, Matt Healy.

Whether it’s another smartly executed stunt or a genuine romance, it has her fandom in a tizzy, piecing together cryptic clues that even led to thousands of people purchasing a mystery memoir announced by a publishing house and slated for July, assuming it was hers (when in reality, the book is by K-pop group BTS, sparking plenty of adoration itself.)

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