TQE’s FYP: Puttin’ on the Rizz

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Welcome to TQE’s FYP (that’s For You Page, in case you haven’t heard the jargon), where we bring you the latest and greatest TikTok and Reels trends to charm the algorithm and promptly get stuck in our heads.

This week on TQE's FYP:

  • A duo of dancing dogs from a 2008 Barbie movie, Barbie and the Diamond Castle, have become the newest sensation on TikTok—their moves, figures, and the song that accompanies them. Don’t ask.
  • Gen Z has started using the word “rizz” instead of “charisma.” Reasons are…unclear.
  • Super-honest songwriters are blowing up on TikTok, with lyrics about anxiety and mental health resonating with users—like Brandon Bale’s just released collab with TikTok darling Elyse Myers.
  • “Dumb ways to die” is a song used to show stupid mistakes by users—or those around them—and it is a delight.

The Barbie dogs are haunting my dreams.

I wish I were kidding. This low-res duo of black and white pups punctuate any TikTok with a short, snappy dance sequence including a body roll. (It must be low-res to fit the trend; the high-res version is even creepier.) Since TikTok initially started as that silly little video platform people were doing short dances on, the evolution makes sense—and users have taken to doing the dances themselves in addition to pasting the Barbie dogs on everything.  

One of many. Credit: @liasolosyouxd.

The context seems to be conveying a sort of confidence, an “I got away with something” in the situations it’s memeified in. Or almost a c’est la vie moment, a “this is the way life is now.” At the risk of psychoanalyzing it too much, it’s a carefree lil’ dance that people are using to commemorate relatable situations.

May I just say this sound has been stuck in my head all week. It truly is seeping into every waking moment.

The trending audio that accompanies it includes Ice Spice, Barbie Girl, and more—included in the playlist below.


Rizzo’s got rizz? Credit: Grease Wiki.

So, another TikTok slang term you may have noticed: the use of “rizz” instead of charisma. Now, mascara and seggs I could understand (well, sort of) but am I missing something here? I’m a Gen Z’er myself, but this one flies straight over my head. This, more perhaps than any other trend, makes me feel like I’ve — thank goodness — missed the boat on the lingo.

I am this meme right now. Credit: 30 Rock.

Why would the algorithm prefer the word “rizz” to “charisma,” a perfectly innocuous word? It’s not like you’re saying sex appeal even.

Rizz (n.) — charisma. One's ability to attract a romantic interest.

All I can think of is Rizzo from Grease. Although of course, she is charismatic. Tell me about it, stud.

How do you use it in a sentence?

If I’m honest, I think I’m beginning to question how much I want this.

Because TikTok as a platform prioritizes trending audio—and that’s the natural link between videos that allows them to be discoverable—singers and songwriters can harness the platform to exponential benefit. It just takes one trending audio to be discovered—and the original sound credit is always displayed at the top of the compilation, BTW.

This song, written and performed by Brandon Bales, seems to have struck a chord with the audience for its sincere depiction of anxiety—accompanied by shots of the singer with shaking hands, a sleep machine, and more.

The lyrics gained new traction when TikTok sweetheart Elyse Meyers of taco date fame* harmonized with the melody, creating a new layered sound that funneled her 6.3m followers to Brandon Bales’s channel, now at 230.5k followers. The video itself now has 6m views. As she’s been outspoken about her own mental health struggles, the collaboration makes complete (beautiful) sense.

The video that catapulted her to fame, now at 23.6m views. Credit: @elysemyers.

People seem to be using the audio most primarily to show the ways in which their goals have changed in the pursuit, the epitome of “be careful what you wish for” or the ways in which our daydreams look different in execution. It’s also serving as an honest conversation for people to discuss their dreams and their rocky paths in getting there.

Dumb ways to die / smart ways to live.

The song starts as a light, lilting melody à la Jason Mraz and users have spotlighted their dumbest, or perhaps riskiest, mistakes. When the lyric “dumb ways to die” hits, the video freezes and flashes each word in an individual second to really spotlight the supposed stupidity. Not gonna lie: it’s a favorite trend of mine out of this week’s bundle.

I’m a catch-the-spider person but even I wouldn’t go after this one. Credit: @splack.

Recently, TikToker’s flipped it to show their life hacks, and personally…eh. Part of the magic of the original trend is that it’s a funny way to show the little things we do that are just stupid. The other one feels much more like hopping onto the trend just to conquer the algorithm. But sure, we’ll show you one, because we’re the experts after all.

Showing off the at-home coffee bar. Credit: @cosettecutie.

I thought dumb ways to die was hilarious and smart ways to live feels much cornier, so I prefer the former.

They’re all stuck in my head now, so y’all get to have them stuck in your head too.

For more trending audios—especially songs blowing up on Instagram and Reels—check out our handy-dandy Spotify playlist curated just for you and updated bi-weekly, featuring Megan Thee Stallion, Acqua, Børn, and more.

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