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Welcome to TQE’s FYP (For You Page, in case you’re not used to the language of the TikTokers), a quick and dirty rundown of the most prevalent topics, products, formats, and songs trending across TikTok and Reels—and therefore our cultural consciousness.

This week on TQE's FYP:

  • Videographers are channeling their creativity into seriously aesthetic tributes to Wes Anderson across travel videos, recipes, montages, and other lifestyle topics.
  • TikTokers have an obsession with “stealth wealth” as the highest standard of luxury, but creators use the label in contradictory ways, as seen in nepo baby Sofia Richie’s ultra-luxe, ultra-moneyed wedding this past weekend.
  • Dog owners universally bond over a concept called the “cheese tax” they owe to their pups when making food. The accompanying, chanting audio will be stuck in your head.
  • Shop the trends this week including Glossy Hair, Summer Dresses, Concealer and more.

Nothing new here, folks—Wes Anderson’s style has enthralled TikTokers.

We’re not surprised by this per se, but TikTok and Reels have rapidly populated with lifestyle videos embodying filmmaker Wes Anderson’s aesthetic—highly symmetrical, sparse yet colorful palettes, a specific method of time-stamping, a quirky and almost storybook feel.

Credit: @joshrimmey.

Users have essentially decided to use Wes Anderson as a template for travel montages, Day in the Life videos, recipes, and more. Over the past few days, the format has also evolved to include the following phrase: “You better not be acting like you’re in a Wes Anderson film when you [insert depicted activity here].”

@twolostkids Sempre fingimos que estamos em um filme do Wes Anderson - Lost in Paris #wesanderson #shotoniphone ♬ Obituary - Alexandre Desplat

Credit: @twolostkids.

Frankly, I’m not a The Grand Budapest Hotel gal myself, but I would be happy to see this trend stick around. The visuals are polished and retro in a snappy way that lends itself beautifully to short-form content and recommendations. I kept bookmarking video after video I wanted to share as an example.

Pay up, dog owners: you owe the cheese tax.

For years, one of the most popular sub-groups to gain traction on the Internet is that of dog owners. There’s a specific vibe and language around the community—the whole “can I haz cheeseburger” language of 2007 blog memes made immortal—complete with baby voices and pampered pups. The emphasis of dog owners’ content on Instagram seems to generally be relatability. One such meme that’s taken over Reels and TikToks from the pet community? The cheese tax.

Credit: @puppysongs.

While I have a black lab myself, I’d never heard of the cheese tax, but TikTok has decided it’s a ubiquitous thing: that every time you pull cheese out of the fridge, your dog demands a percentage. Warning: results are cute, but the audio will stick in your head for forever. Videos about the cheese tax receive millions upon millions of views, with the creator of the song enjoying over 15 million views and 1.8 million likes on this video alone.

Credit: @cleolonglegs.

TikTokers have long used “stealth wealth” to describe elevated aesthetics, but other creators are starting to point out that some is just elegant wealth and there’s nothing stealthy about it.

What makes something look expensive? No doubt our culture loves to channel this elusive quality, seeking out either budget buys or brand names that exude that kind of staying power and aesthetic. “Stealth wealth” is simply looking very rich without having to try, and isn’t the name of the game on the Internet effortless glamour?

Credit: @amyodellwriter.

Originally, “stealth wealth” meant quiet luxury, attributed to celebrities and It girls who didn’t have to do anything beyond themselves—no copied looks, flashy logos, or obvious trend alignment in a bid to stay relevant in the cultural conversation. People would flock to them regardless, and they’d always have power.

This conversation bubbled up again this past weekend because of Coachella outfits, which seemed to provide a dividing line between influencers—who had to have buzz-worthy outfits to maintain their relevance—and celebrities, who dressed in a low-key way signaling that Coachella was simply an outing for them rather than a desperate bid for business.

Credit: @kierabreaugh.

Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, enjoys a cool 8m+ followers on Instagram and celebrated her marriage in a multi-million dollar wedding this past weekend, sparking a flurry of TikToks on the stealth wealth topic.

Her wedding provided some irony, as many TikTokers praised her “quiet luxury” and “stealth wealth” aesthetics, applying the popular terminology to a scene in which it wasn’t relevant. What they meant beyond the buzzwords were that some of her wedding choices were elegant.

@prettycritical “stealth wealth” barely exists, why are we so obsessed with it? #stealthwealth #oldmoney #luxury #sofiarichie ♬ original sound - prettycritical

Credit: @prettycritical.

Richie’s wedding highlights how some TikTok phrases and trends seem to lose their meaning in practical application (but we do love the aesthetic—do we feel a style guide coming?)

Songs to jam to and songs to post to:

For more trending audios—especially songs blowing up on Instagram and Reels—check out our Spotify playlist curated just for you.

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