The Timeless Jewelry Edit: 8 Must-Know Brands For 2022

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It feels like we’re living in the golden age of personal expression via accessories. Countless designers are bringing their unique aesthetics to brands in what was once a fairy cookie cutter industry. 

I spend a lot of time on Instagram looking at jewelry, and I love nothing more than the feeling of discovering a new designer, falling in love with their work, and in the best case scenarios, making a piece of it my own. 

But, investing in jewelry is no small feat. While there’s certainly been an influx of affordable DTC brands offering a lower barrier to entry, some special pieces are worth saving up for. That’s why I’ve curated ten of my favorite brands to keep tabs on the next time you need a totem for a milestone or celebration. Feel free to email to your significant other for bookmarking – I’ll let them take the credit for your next favorite gift. 


Timeless vessels made in NYC. 
Credit: Oremme

Oremme toes the line between tomboy and traditional beautifully. Every piece in the collection feels like an immediate heirloom—the kind of necklace you’d never want to take off. Plus, the entire line is made in NYC. 


You’ve never met a ring with so much to say
Credit: Cast

So minimal isn’t really your thing! Look no further than Cast, a lively jewelry brand with loads of personality and cheeky nods to the irreverent fun of getting dressed. The brand’s filmic collections include plenty of color in timeless silhouettes. 

The Last Line

Your authority for fun dining wear and great jewels. 
Credit: The Last Line

Isn’t it the best when you can get everything in one place? The Last Line is just that. Home to darling trinkets and fine jewelry with an inside meaning only you and your best friend will understand, the brand is every maximalist collectors’ dream come true. 

The Clear Cut

For more than engagement rings – but also, great for engagement rings. 
Credit: The Clear Cut

The Clear Cut is the ideal place for a simple, enduring piece of jewelry. Its founder, Olivia Landau, is a diamond expert who’s ready to break down what to look for in a diamond and how to pair some of the brand’s best selling pieces. Check out the tennis bracelets and diamond bands for inspiration. 


Chic and curated. 
Credit: Dorsey

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to Dorsey’s paired-back offerings. The brand’s signature Dog Tag ID Necklace, for example, comes in four lengths, two different materials, and with the opportunity for engravement. Stunning styles come at surprisingly affordable prices, proving that meaningful gifts are often the most intentional, not the most expensive. 


Jemima Kirke in the brand’s designs. 
Credit: Foundrae

Foundrae’s for the bohemian, the lover of tiny details, the dreamer. The brand is the kind of place you go to look for a gift for the person who creates a collage of their travels. Every piece is created with stories in mind. Made to me worn in symphony, the pieces from the brand pair seamlessly with one another. 

Marlo Laz

Delicate and unassuming. 
Credit: Marlo Laz

The beauty is in the details when it comes to Marlo Laz’s jewelry collection. Each piece has an almost vintage-like quality to its uniqueness. Pendants come in a number of customizable options, from nameplates to Zodiac signs. 

Silent Opus

Made to be treasured.
Credit: Silent Opus

There’s something about Silent Opus that feels modern and nostalgic at once. The pieces harken back to a time when jewelry was given rarely and with great meaning – there’s a weight to the symbolism of each piece. Styles range from the straightforward to the downright cheeky. 

Allow your jewelry investments to feel as personal as the milestones you’re celebrating. Lean into what makes your ascetic your own. After all, the best accessories are the ones you never want to take off.

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