The Very Best Gifts for New Parents

As a mom to a toddler who spends her free time scouring the internet for the very best gifts, I’m well-suited to recommend what to give to new parents. Whether they’re still in the newborn phase or hitting their stride with parenthood, new moms and dads deserve some TLC. Read on for gift recommendations that range from cozy to tasty to luxe – and that will make any new parent feel loved.

Comfort And Coziness For Everyday

Who’s to say that staying comfortable and feeling good can’t both be achieved? These four gifts will help new moms—and dads—feel their best.

Image courtesy Hillhouse Home

Nap dresses have taken the nation by storm, and for good reason. Hillhouse Home’s signature Ellie Nap Dress ($125) is the quintessential example of comfort clothing that looks polished. It’s breastfeeding-friendly, so mom can go from feeding to outing without a clothing change.

Made in a family factory in El Salvador, the James Slippers ($150) from woman-owned brand Freda Salvador are the ultimate house shoe whose outside looks and feels as comfortable as its inside.

Image courtesy Esker Beauty

The Esker Beauty Body Plane Set ($85) is a go-to gift of mine to uplevel the moments when a new mom (or dad!) can sneak away for the ultimate luxury—a bath. This set offers a full-body exfoliation routine with the choice of one of Esker’s four body oils and the brand’s blunt, colloidal silver blade.

Comfort isn’t just for new moms, though. The Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger ($98) is the perfect choice for a new dad—giving a balance of at-home comfort and on-the-go style.

Tasty Treats, For Parents Only

Staying fed can be a task for new parents who are operating on way too little sleep. Whether you’re seeking a sweet treat or boozy sip, these gifts are an easy pick-me-up for any parent.

Image courtesy Vivanterre

7pm holds special meaning for any new parent. Bedtime for baby means a brief respite and time to decompress from the day. A bottle from Vivanterre Wine (from $36) is the perfect gift for the nights that call for a glass of wine. This natural wine is produced in France using organically and biodynamically farmed grapes, and is untouched by any fining, filtering, or added sulfites.

Call me old school, but I love a classic box of See’s Candies ($27.50 for 1lb). Now that I have one in my neighborhood, it’s one of my most frequently gifted items. While it doesn’t give new parents a rounded meal or snack, who doesn’t delight in being able to grab a piece of chocolate from the cupboard?

For the parent who loves sweets but hates chocolate, the Bon Bon Gift Box (starting at $18) is a gift to consider. Bon Bon imports its products from Sweden to ensure the highest standards, and customers love the personal note that comes with the order.

Image courtesy west~bourne

But candy doesn’t rule all. Nutrition and nourishment is critical, particularly for new moms. The west~bourne New Mama Gift Set ($65) includes the brand’s House Granola, Coconut Almond Crumble, Porridge Grains, and two special west~bourne recipes that give new moms the fuel they need to support their infant.

Personalized Gifts That Go The Extra Mile

Having a child is a milestone moment, and a personalized gift is a beautiful way to commemorate that milestone. These gifts are just a few of the ways that you can mark this occasion.

Image courtesy By Chari

Whether you choose initials or a full name, the By Chari Spaced Letter Necklace (starting at $265) is the perfect wear-everyday necklace for a new mom. With different chain lengths, materials, and number of letters, you can customize it to suit the needs of your recipient. 

As a new parent, you’ll find yourself writing lots of thank you notes. And a personalized set of Romeo + Jules stationary (50 GBP) makes the task enjoyable. This version is adorned with your name and a catchphrase of choice for some added fun. It includes eight cards with blank envelopes, and gift wrapping is available. 

What’s more delightful than matching clothes with a little kid? Swedish childrenswear brand Mini Rodini offers matching parent and child clothing. TQE Editor Jenni loves the Mini Me Wildflowers print (from $75) for her and her daughter, and the brand has unisex options that would make a great pairing for any parent and child. 

Editor Jenni and her daughter in their matching Mini Rodini

Practical and Luxurious

There are so many small day-to-day realities around having an infant: dark rooms, cold coffee, and not enough time to cook. Luckily for new parents, there are solutions for all of those things to make each day better.

Babies and toddlers often need a blackout room to sleep well. But when you’re sharing a room for the first 6 months of life, you have limited options to stay occupied during night time feeds. Cue the Kindle Paperwhite ($140), which offers a warm light that won’t create as much glow as a phone and is easier on your circadian rhythm than blue light.

Image courtesy Ember

It can be impossible to get through a cup of coffee while it’s still warm when you have a little one in tow. With the on-the-go Ember travel mug ($199), new parents can have a hot cup of coffee that lasts for hours. And, if you leave the house for a walk or to go to an appointment, the travel mug offers a leak-proof lid. Perfect to slide into that side pocket of the diaper bag.

As someone who spent much of my maternity leave with my daughter napping in my arms, AirPods (from $169) were a must have. It might seem like a generic gift, but it’s a huge win to be able to watch TV on a phone or listen to podcasts while nap trapped.

Image courtesy The Culinistas

The ultimate luxury as a new parent is to have someone else feed you. The Culinistas offer both a Postnatal Service (starting at $1500) and Weekly Meal Prep (starting at $250), bringing customized, restaurant quality meals straight to the home. The Culinistas can be found in several big cities in the US, such as New York and LA.

I hope you’ve found something you’re confident they’ll love. Want a more personalized rec? DM us on Instagram @thequalityedit!

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