5 Of The Coolest *And* Most Practical Gifts For Babies And Toddlers (That Parents Will Love Too)

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Plastic toy clutter abound, I wanted to share the items that I purchased for my kids, but would have loved to receive as gifts. These ingenious products bring just as much joy to me as they do both of my kids, Alexander (age 3) and Leia (age 1), and pass The Quality Edit’s high bar for aesthetics, quality, and functionality. Here are my favorite gifts that will make parents think of you (and thank you) every day:

The Play Kit

The Play Table – Lalo

Lalo Play Kit, $250

Launched just this year, this modern play table and chairs crafted from beachwood are so well-constructed, the first thing that came to mind when unboxing was a resounding “QUALITY”. Not that it will happen, but this kit seems like something our kids *could* pass on to their kids--that’s how sturdy and high-quality they are. The attention to detail and quality materials are paired with a sleek and minimal aesthetic to complement any home. The Kit is pretty enough that you can seamlessly move it from the kids’ bedroom to your living room or kitchen and its surfaces are super easy to clean. We loved the brand so much that we also swapped our Stokke Clikk high-chair for Lalo’s “The Chair, which looks similar, but with a superior quality the Stokke does not hold a candle to. No eye sore here! 

Washable Rug

Lorena Canal Washable Stars Rug, $200

We’ve had Lorena Canal rugs since I designed Alexander’s nursery 3 years ago, and this blue and white stars rug has withstood the test of time (and still looks near-perfect now, even after numerous spills, dirt, and accidents). I don’t know how parents cope with a rug that is not easily machine-washable like this one. It's light, soft, and flexible, so you can easily throw it in the washing machine, but made with strong enough fabric that it doesn’t lose its shape or design after washes--somehow our stars are still white! The functionality is coupled with beautiful designs that you would never know could so easily be washed. This particular stars design works for both boys and girls -- it’s great for new parents who may plan on having more than one child. 

Future Foodies Kit: Gift Box

Future Foodies Kit: Gift Box, $50-$500 or custom amount

I fed both of my babies Yumi and love the company so much that we reviewed their end-to-end experience on The Quality Edit here. As a working mom and entrepreneur, having prepared and healthy meals ready to go (which I know are tailored for their best health and development), while also providing a convenient subscription experience was a huge unlock and savior for my time management and anxiety. If my baby could talk, I know she’d thank me for not trying to go at it on my own. Needless to say, high-quality baby food of any kind is not cheap. Any parent will appreciate taking the headache (and cost) out of meal prep for them. We recommend their Future Foodies Kit: Gift Box, which allows you to gift up to three months of food, along with an exclusive full-sleeve Yumi bib, milestone “future” journal, and physical gift card credited with the amount of your choice.

Organic Padded Play Mat 

Rainbow Watercolor | Mega | Padded Play Mat– Toki Mats

Toki Rainbow Watercolor Organic Padded Play Mat, $195

After three years of ugly and possibly toxic foam play mats (you know, the ones that break apart like puzzle pieces, are hard to move around the house, and are absolutely unsightly), I discovered Toki Mats which provide parents and babes a soft, organic, yet firm surface to practice milestones like tummy time and provide some cush and safety to the hard floor. With our previous play mats, we had to wipe them down with antibacterial wipes and they never felt fully clean, but the Toki Mat features a removable fabric cover that you can easily throw in the wash and even interchange with other fabric designs sold on the site. It’s lightweight and incredibly versatile, so you can easily pick it up and move it wherever you please. The designs are neutral and sweet and won’t kill your decor vibes like the majority of other mats. Complement it with your Lorena Canal rug and your play room will be set!

The Play Gym

Lovevery Play Gym, $250

You may have already seen this play gym, as it’s one of the most popular and thoughtful play mats that every influencer and celeb owns. We bought one for our son Alexander, and are now back to use it again the second time around with Leia. Winner of The Bump Best of Baby Awards, National Parenting Product Awards, Parents Choice, and the Reddot Design Award, this play gym lives up to its promise to give your baby an entire year packed with play. Designed by child development experts and beautifully crafted with durable wooden and safe materials, babies from 0+ will find endless hours of play that stimulate their developing brain with this versatile mat. Every corner of the gym has a thoughtfully curated developmental surprise, from a batting ring; an organic cotton teether; a black and white card set that gradually gets more complex and helps to develop their vision; a play guide with an entire year full of ideas of how to play, sorted by age and backed by years of child development experts’ research. This highly-coveted gym will turn any baby into a little Einstein in no time. It’s a game-changing product that baby and parents will love for years to come.

Shop these practical products for parents here:

Lalo Play Kit

Lorena Canal Washable Stars Rug

Future Foodies Kit

Toki Rainbow Watercolor Organic Padded Play Mat

Lovevery Play Gym

Preview image source: Lalo

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