BÉIS Is The Luggage Brand That’s Anything But Basic

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Have you ever had to endure the awkward and perhaps embarrassing task of opening your suitcase at an airport’s check-in counter because your luggage is over your airline’s weight limit and a bit of reorganizing is required? It can happen to even the most experienced of travelers and is the last thing you want to deal with if you’re already running late for your flight.

Because you can’t pack a scale to take with you wherever you go, you probably depend on luck while packing your check-in bag, hoping it won’t be too heavy for the moment of truth. If only there was a company out there that made check-in luggage with a built-in weight indicator, so that you wouldn’t have to play this guessing game every time you traveled.

No More Guessing Games

BÉIS Travel is a luggage brand founded by Shay Mitchell, who wanted to “create amazing, affordable pieces” and inspire travelers to “seek new places, meet new people and share the world.” Not only are the roller bags ($278-$298) extremely functional and made with thoughtful design, but the rest of the BÉIS luggage collection has products for all your travel needs, whether you’re going on a quick overnight trip or a lengthier, month-long sojourn.

What makes the BÉIS stand out from other luggage brands is the weight indicator system built into the carry-on luggage and large check-in rollers. When traveling with the 21-inch Carry-On Roller and the 26- and 29-inch Check-In Rollers, all you have to do is pack your travel bag, then zip it up and hold the suitcase by its handle. If it turns red, your bag is over fifty pounds and you have some reorganizing to do, but at least you can do it in the privacy of your own home or hotel room!

Credit: @beis

The inner design of these suitcases is also outstanding and hard to beat when comparing it with other brands. One of the things I always find most annoying when traveling is that I always forget to pack a “dirty clothing” bag or a bag for shoes that happen to get wet or muddy. BÉIS suitcases come with a bag for each of these scenarios, making it easy to keep your dirty laundry away from your crisp, clean clothing. The suitcases are made with a hard-shell exterior but are padded on the inside to protect your belongings from hard impact or rough handling at the airport. Each suitcase offers two inches of expansion in case you have a little too much fun shopping and other features include: a durable 100% virgin PolyCarbonate exterior, Hinomoto 360-degree wheels, a built-in TSA-approved lock, and an extendable handle with a soft hand cushion for comfort.

The Fun Doesn’t Stop There

If you’re more of a weekend-getaway or overnight-stay kind of traveler, BÉIS has an assortment of bag options for you, too. The best-selling Weekender bags ($88-$118) are just the thing if you only need a few outfit changes and travel essentials. The Weekender and Mini Weekender feature a zipper compartment made of water-resistant lining at the base of the bag in which you can easily store a couple of pairs of shoes or toiletries that you’d rather keep away from your clothing and a padded laptop sleeve makes it easy to get through TSA. The Convertible iteration of the Weekend or the Mini offers everything the originals do and also lets you completely zip off the base compartment, turning your luggage into a day bag you can tote around town.

Credit: @beis

Some other very chic and playful bags include the Backpack Tote, which is a plush backpack whose straps you can hide to sport it as a tote; the Clutch, which can hold your belongings during a night out or turn into a changing station or work station, proving that your bag can truly work harder so you don’t have to; the Pumping bag makes it easy for moms to keep their pumping and work gear organized; and finally, the Regulation Pet Carry-On and Everyday Pet Tote are perfect for making your furry pal’s travel experience cute and cozy.

Is it such a surprise that we might start booking trips to show off all of our BÉIS travel gear? We dare you to make your next vacation breezy with one of these bags.

5 more reasons to love BÉIS

  1. Worried about scuffs during travel? No need to despair! Shay Mitchell guarantees that the BÉIS Buffer will leave your bag “looking as good as the day you bought it.”
  2. BÉIS offers free shipping on U.S. orders over $150 and pricing that’s quite competitive in the luggage market.
  3. Have you always struggled with packing? Check out the BÉIS blog for some tips on becoming an expert packer and for other ways (like using packing cubes!) to optimize all of the brand’s products.
  4. We have never before encountered a luggage brand with so many options for moms. Besides the Pumping bag and Clutch, there’s also a Bottle cooler, the Stroller Caddy, and the Travel Changing Pad Organizer.

Because BÉIS has so much to offer, we recommend signing up for this Rewards Program.

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