The Joy Of Gifting Bearaby

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In my opinion, the perfect gift is something that’s practical but special. What does that really mean? Something that they’ll actually use, but that’s a little more luxurious than they’d buy for themselves.

By those standards, the Bearaby Cotton Napper is pretty much the epitome of a perfect gift.

The Lowdown

Bearaby is in the business of making weighted blankets that are stylish, sustainable, and help you sleep better. If you’re curious about weighted blankets, here’s what you need to know: studies have shown the grounding pressure of weighted blankets stimulates the production of serotonin (the hormone that makes us feel happy), reduces cortisol (the hormone that makes us feel stressed), and increases melatonin (the hormone that helps us fall, and stay, asleep). Practically speaking, sleeping with Bearaby facilitates a natural, deep sleep. Cuddling under the heavy blanket can help ease feelings of stress and anxiety, and increase feelings of joy. Is there anything more jolly than that?!

While most weighted blankets use clunky glass beads to create that extra heft, all Bearaby uses is organic cotton -- and 5% spandex for some added stretch. The chunky knit distributes weight evenly and is easy on the eyes. It looks gorgeous draped over a couch or chilling on the foot of a bed. But, what really makes Bearaby such a great product is how it feels. It’s soft, breathable, and oh-so cozy. With weight options between 10 to 25 pounds, Bearaby is great for weighted blanket lovers and newbies alike.

Bearaby blankets are great gifts, for kids and adults alike
Credit: Bearaby

Decisions, Decisions

If they love weighted blankets, Bearaby’s Cotton Napper is an amazing addition to their collection and probably an upgrade from what they’re already using, if we’re talking aesthetics here at least. If they’ve never used a weighted blanket before, this gift may change their life. That’s a bold statement, I know I know, but it’s true. Anyone who deals with stress and anxiety, has trouble sleeping, or even just loves creating a comfy, cozy haven will love this piece.

The Cotton Napper comes in eight great colors: Moonstone Grey, Asteroid Grey, Midnight Blue, Cloud White, Evening Rose, Olive Night, Butternut Bliss, and Evening Eggplant. If you want something that feels even more luxe, Bearaby also has a Velvet Napper which brings all of the comfort of the classic, with a plush, sumptuous velvet feel. If your giftee is a kid, the Nappling is just right. Made with the same cotton fabric in some fun  colors and patterns, and lighter weights (6 or 8 pounds), the Nappling ($139- $149) is a great gift for youngins.

Warning: pets may claim this blanket as their own territory

Once you’ve picked the color, it’s time to pick the weight.

As a rule of thumb, the weight of the blanket should be about 10% of their body weight. So, if they weigh 150 pounds, the 15 pound blanket should be perfect. Regardless of weight, everyone has different preferences, so you really can’t go wrong with any size. I personally love the feeling of really heavy weight, so I use a weighted blanket that’s well over 20% of my body weight and have no complaints. If you’re on the fence, the 15 and 20 pound options are a solid middle ground for everyone. Luckily, they have 30 days to exchange or return without questions, so if it feels too light or too heavy, they have the option to try something new.

Before you finalize your choice, here’s the lowdown on pricing:

  • 10 Pound Cotton Napper: $199
  • 15 Pound Cotton Napper: $249
  • 20 Pound Cotton Napper: $259
  • 25 Pound Cotton Napper: $279

After selecting a size and color, just add a gift message and call it a day. We hope this makes your gift-giving a little easier this season.

Gift a Bearaby Cotton Napper here and order before December 10 for an on-time holiday arrival.

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