TQE Cribs: Inside Editor Jenni Stein’s Bathroom

This is TQE Cribs, a real and raw look into the homes of our contributors and founders we cover. It’s our homage to MTV’s zeitgeist shifting show, only DTC-ified. Discover which products have earned a permanent spot on our shelves and counters below.

As a perpetual perfectionist (and super picky consumer), I’ve spent years refining my bathroom cabinet to reflect a “less is more” approach that ensures I’m always stocked with the best of the best. Here’s a glimpse at a few of my favorite DTC superstars…

My Tried And True Beauty Products

A peek inside my bathroom cabinet

Vintner’s Daughter Serum: I use the Active Botanical Serum ($195) every night – it is the holy grail of skincare. I’ll spritz with a bit of hydrating toner, then push/press (iykyk) my Vintner’s, dab on a bit of eye cream, and call it a night. It’s pricey for sure, but it’s so great that you don’t need to use a lot of product – plus you don’t really need anything else on top of it.

Billie Lotion: I’m very into everything Billie right now. In my cabinet, you’ll see the brand’s Dry-Bye Body Lotion ($12), which truthfully is the only lotion I’ve ever actually looked forward to putting on (most are so thick and greasy). It absorbs quickly so you can hop right into jeans (yep, you heard that right). While it’s not pictured, I also love Billie’s Whipped Shaving Cream ($8) and of course the brand’s signature razor ($10).

Saie Beauty Makeup: I’ve been following Saie since the brand launched a few years ago, and so far every product has been an absolute winner. My all star lineup includes the Slip Tint ($35), an SPF 35 tinted moisturizer that acts as a foundation of sorts, Glowy Super Gel ($28), a light-weight luminizer, Mascara 101 ($25) for longer, darker lashes and Brow Butter ($20) for naturally full brows. These everyday staples are all you need for a simple and sleek routine, but I also love to stash the Liquid Lip Balm ($16) in my purse just in case I need some extra oomph.

Playa Hair Oil: I discovered Playa’s Ritual Hair Oil ($38) last year and love its weight and texture. It’s super light, meaning that it’ll work to smooth and protect any type of hair (it even protects hair from UV damage and chlorine!). Plus, the subtle scent gives me major beach vacation vibes.

These Wellness Staples Are A Must

Finally a natural deodorant that…works!
Credit: @hatchgal

Risewell Toothpaste: After a horrific bout of cystic acne, my facialist suggested switching to a fluoride-free toothpaste. As it turns out, most drugstore toothpastes are full of chemicals that actually do your body more harm than good. I’m so glad I discovered this Natural Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste ($12), which contains all the stuff you do need, and none of the stuff you don’t (read up on the science here). I haven’t had a cavity since I started using it…just saying.

Hatch Deodorant: I can already hear my husband rolling his eyes (“you’re up on your non-toxic pedestal again!”). But, I have to say it: If you’re going to make one non-toxic swap in your bathroom, it has to be deodorant. Traditional deodorants, especially those with aluminum, have to go. I’ve tried a few clean versions and love Hatch’s Clean Mama Deo ($24) which was designed with sensitive, hormonal skin in mind (hello, postpartum). It’s naturally scented with Japanese citrus and chamomile, and most importantly – it works!

Filling in the gaps with Ritual.

Ritual Multivitamin: Another “holy grail” product, Ritual has carried me through two pregnancies and then some (in fact, I wrote about the brand here). I’m currently taking the Postnatal Vitamin ($35), but will soon switch back to the Essential For Women 18+ ($30) which contains a unique combination of vitamins and minerals based on what your body actually needs. I never go a day without these!

Seed Probiotic: I swear – my tried and true Daily Symbiotic ($50/month) has completely transformed my gut. These powerhouse pills are the gold standard for digestive health, gut immunity, and overall health.

Yes, I Share A Bathroom With My Kids

Self care comes in all sizes!
Credit: @super.smalls

Super Smalls Nail Polish: The day my daughter Ellie turned three, I gifted her this Self Care Nail Kit ($35) and set up a mani/pedi station. I love that these polishes are safe for kids and peelable, meaning you’ll never have to attack their tiny hands with nail polish remover. This kit has quickly become my number one “big kid” gift.

Risewell Toothpaste: Risewell is so good, it’s here twice! The brand’s Natural Kids Toothpaste ($12) is the only toothpaste I’ll put in my toddler's mouth – and it’s a good thing, because she definitely swallows more than she should. Like its adult counterpart, this toothpaste is packed with hydroxyapatite, a naturally-occurring mineral that strengthens teeth. Oh, and this one tastes like cake batter so you can kiss toothbrushing battles goodbye.

Weezie Bath Towels & Robes: Is there anything cuter than a baby in a bathrobe? We love the Lil Robe ($74) which is equal parts cozy, cute, and effective – perfect for post-bath snuggles. I’m also obsessed with the signature Piped Edge Bath Towel ($64), which I had monogrammed with the girls’ names in the sweetest cursive. A must have that makes any bathroom just a tad more stylish.

A couple of self care rituals go a long way. Mine have certainly transformed my mornings and evenings alike. Have products you’re loving or looking for? Send them our way @thequalityedit.

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