Aries Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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With the new, fresh energy of the Spring Equinox comes the dawn of Aries season. Known for their fiery, direct, and bold dispositions, Aries won’t demurely accept subpar gifts. Lucky for you, we’ve got a cheat sheet. Read on for fabulous and bright presents that will bolster the spirit of the Aries you love – and maybe a few that can soothe their passionate, high-energy tendencies, too.

Gua Sha And Acupressure For Their Self-Soothing Toolkit, from $40

While they might not be inclined to treat themselves to extraneous skincare or self-care purchases, an Aries is bound to geek out over a new tool that promises to elevate their routine. Basically, you can trick them into slowing down and balancing their fire with some rest and relaxation, and this go-getting Fire sign will thank and love you forever. Slow their roll with the Gua Sha Kit ($40) and Acupressure Set ($78) from WTHN, for a gift that will give them a true glow from the inside out – on the daily. Finally, you can take credit for both their gorgeous complexion and mellow mood.

Cool Their Fire And Earn Their Love Forever, from $30

Credit: Dad Grass and OSEA

You may have gotten the gist that the best gift you can give your Aries is some good old-fashioned relaxation. If you can soothe their reactive tempers or talent for healthy confrontation, you’ll earn a spot in their big, loyal hearts. For a newbie to the CBD game, send them some goodies from Dad Grass. Whether they’re more the Gummy, Joint, or Tincture type, the brand’s got something to make everyone just a little bit happier.

Nail the wind-down toolkit with OSEA’s Ultra-Hydrating Duo ($110) or Vagus Nerve Duo ($72), both of which will balance Aries’ heated instincts with water-based, cooling skincare and essential oil superheroes designed with the nervous system in mind. If your Aries struggles with redness or dry skin – not entirely uncommon for the Fire sign – send along Soft Services’ Skin Essentials Set ($90). Try to resist the urge to buy these all in duplicate for yourself…

Upgrade Their Workout Game – And Wardrobe, from $44

Credit: Beyond Yoga and Bala

Aries are known for their competitive, active spirit. They’re compelled to have the most vigorous vinyasa in class – and the activewear wardrobe to match. Stoke their trademark fire with some vibrant, statement-making, Spring colorway sets from Beyond Yoga in the brand’s signature so-soft-you’ll-never-take-it-off Spacedye fabric (from $44). Check out Alo Yoga’s sleek and fiery bra tops and biker shorts in an iconic Aries colorway for pieces your Aries can excel in, whether they’re nailing that one-handed chaturanga or their new half-marathon PR.

Gift them the Starter Kit from Bala Bangles ($206) to satisfy their multi-tasking, overachieving tendencies. Now they’ll be able to fit in some resistance training at any given moment, whether they’re pacing around their house on a call, or just simply wanting to amp up every single workout to the next level (both are equally likely).

The Doctor Is In: Create Their Herbal Arsenal, from $24

Credit: HRBLS and Wooden Spoon Herbs

We’ve already established that most Aries love optimization and efficiency. Why not upgrade their daily mood and productivity with some herbal helpers? For an Aries who might prefer a bite-sized botanical best friend, gift herbalist Rachelle Robinett’s box set of HRBLS, blended with plants and adaptogens that ease nerves, support energy and endurance, and promote digestive health ($62). It’s just a bonus that they taste like candy.

For the Aries whose frenetic energy doesn’t do well with coffee, gift Wooden Spoon Herbs’ best-selling Herbal Coffee ($24), a blend of microbiome-friendly and naturally invigorating herbs that (sincerely) tastes better than your average cup of joe. While you’re at it, send them Elix Healing’s Digestif tincture ($36), ideal for harmonizing an Aries’ appetite for life and predilection for spicy and exciting foods.

Keep It Spicy, from $35

Credit: Spring & Mulberry

Now that we’ve settled our score with calming skincare and herbal antidotes that an Aries wouldn’t buy on their own, let’s turn our attention to some gifts that can spice things up. Send them all things spicy and flavor-bombed, from Fly By Jing’s Fire-Packed Gift Sets to Jacobsen Salt Co.’s (literally) breathtaking Garlic Trio ($35).

And you and I would both be remiss to forget something sweet. Tack on Spring & Mulberry’s Spice Market bundle ($45), featuring intoxicating date-sweetened chocolate bars studded with beautiful pieces of Mango, Urfa Chile, and Pecans.

Hot As Ice, prices vary

Credit: Kinn and Alohas

No Aries – or any sign, let’s be real – will turn down a shiny object. This sign is incredibly fortunate in that the predominant birthstone is…a diamond. You might want to splurge a little, don’t shoot the messenger! Shop Kinn’s stunning collection of Tennis Bracelets to spoil the Aries you adore, or shop their non-diamond-studded bestsellers at price points that won’t leave as hefty of a dent in your wallet.

If your Aries cares more about their shoe closet than their jewelry box, send a pair of sustainable statement boots from ALOHAS they’ll wear on repeat for years to come, or gorgeous (and comfortable) sandals from Labucq that’ll go the distance on their many adventures in faraway locales.

Get to gifting – and we’ll meet you back here next month to talk all things Taurean.

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