Aquarius Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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Does it feel like the astrological seasons are getting shorter, or is it just me? So many signs to celebrate, so little time. One of my favorite zodiac signs (yes, I do pick favorites), Aquarians are dreamers and fantastically creative, lovers of all things whimsical, artistic, and inventive – which makes them incredibly fun to gift. From now until February 19, consider it your duty to shower this creative, imaginative, and one-of-a-kind air sign with adoration.

Aquarians are known eccentrics, authentically individualistic in their tastes and wide-ranging passions. Most importantly, Aquarians value their community and relationships – so whatever you gift them should reflect how much you know and care for them. No pressure, right? Fear not: I’ve got you covered. 

At-Home Spa Essentials For The Water Bearers Of The Zodiac, from $48

Credit: @jahsaavan

While Aquarius is undoubtedly an air sign, it is represented by an image of the Water Bearer, symbolizing the sign’s important role in bestowing life and spiritual growth unto the world. Beautiful, no? Honor this duality between air and water with some gifts that touch on both of the elements. OUI the People’s Do Not Disturb set ($56) makes for the perfect bathing and before-sleep ritual, complete with a detoxifying bath soak and resurfacing body serum. 

Credit: Vitruvi

Purify and pamper their air with a stone diffuser from Vitruvi ($119), preferably in a limited-edition colorway like Lavender or Eucalyptus, which any free-spirited Aquarian will love. While your Aquarius might already have a shoebox full of essential oils that they’ve collected over the years, give them a refresh with a matching Uplift Kit ($48), full of serene and airy blends to enhance their birthday season.

Treats That Make Every Breakfast A Celebration, from $24

Credit: west~bourne and Rainbo

Any true Aquarian loves a fanciful pancake breakfast: elevate that shit with Partake’s new Confetti Pancake and Waffle Mix ($23.99). It’s free of the top 6 allergens and packed with delightful rainbow sprinkles, ideal for any Aquarian who either treats their body like a temple or hosts lots of brunch gatherings for people of all dietary preferences (both are equally likely). Also ideal for hosting: the zero-waste and dangerously delicious Breakfast Set from west~bourne ($32), featuring a gluten-free buckwheat Pancake Mix, versatile House Porridge, and nutrient-rich, toasted House Granola. 

Satisfy their experimental predilections with Rainbo’s Forest Juice, a decadent Canadian maple syrup super-charged with Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail mushrooms ($31).

For The AD Junkie: Home Decor That Innovates And Delights, from $98

Credit: @andrew.bui

Aquarius governs all things pertaining to technology, innovation, and humanitarian endeavors. Satisfy each of these sectors with a beautiful light from Gantri, the brand leveraging 3D printing to minimize waste and bring unique lights from independent designers to your home. Each light is manufactured on-demand with proprietary plant polymers, meaning it won’t just look good in your home – it’ll also do good for the planet. A light from Gantri is an ideal Aquarian gift: one that plays to their passions for creativity, technological innovation, sustainability, and beautiful design. 

Encourage Their Curiosity: All Things Community-Oriented And Numinous, from $25

Credit: Actually Curious and Open

If you haven’t gotten the gist by now (or if you don’t already know from the Aquarian in your life), this sign leans towards the curious and experimental. Gift them a set of cards ($25) from Actually Curious, a card game designed to bring people closer together using science and psychology to teach active listening and empathy. Talk about a perfect gift for Aquarians, known for their love of community and connection.

For the Aquarian seeking to expand their spiritual or numinous practice, gift a year ($150) or month ($20 / month) of membership to Open, a digital mindfulness studio teeming with daily programming that explores meditation, breathwork, music, and movement. 

For Their Birthday (Or Any Day) Soirée, from $40

Credit: AMASS

Never one to shy away from the experimental at their parties, your Aquarius will love mixing a mind-mellowing cocktail with AMASS’s Afterdream, a cannabis-infused non-alcoholic spirit made with bright and herbaceous California botanicals ($59.50). If they’re extending dry January and sustaining a natural Aquarian high, shop AMASS’s non-alcoholic Riverine ($40), a sophisticated blend of Juniper, Coriander, and Orris root.

Get to gifting – and we’ll meet you back here next month to talk all things Pisces. 

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