Ana Luisa Jewelry: Crafted with the Planet in Mind

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When this article from the Wall Street Journal, Do Multiple Ear Piercings Spell Mid-Life Crisis? came out in the summer of 2021, it hit pretty close to home. Was I experiencing a midlife crisis? Maybe.

Since childhood, I’ve had the standard single piercing in each ear lobe. But then 2020 happened – and all of a sudden I needed something a little different. I did some research on local professional piercers and booked an appointment before I had a chance to overthink things.

Within a couple of days, I got myself a second set of piercings. A month later, a third.

Some might call it a mid-life (I hope I’m not there yet!) crisis, I call it a trend reaction. I constantly see an assortment of dainty studs and earrings worn in a variety of ways on my page – and I love the look.

Once I had the need to get additional piercings out of my system, the next step was shopping for quality (yet affordable!) jewelry that I could wear on any occasion. That’s when a favorite account of mine on Instagram, Brianna Traynor, shared Ana Luisa Jewelry.

Ana Luisa’s dainty set of studs
Credit: @analuisany

The Gold Standard

Earrings, necklaces, and rings. I love experimenting with a variety of styles when it comes to jewelry – but as a relative newbie to the earring and layered necklace styling scene, it sometimes feels overwhelming to pick styles that work together, or alone.

The gemstones used in earrings, necklaces, and rings are transparently sourced, while metals are made with noble (meaning they don’t corrode easily) and often recyclable materials.

Ana Luisa, a New York-based jewelry brand, creates pieces that add a punch of style to any look while remaining classic, using sustainable practices, and sourcing quality materials. The materials used by the brand are another avenue in which Ana Luisa stands out: it makes conscious jewelry accessible to all. The gemstones used in earrings, necklaces, and rings are transparently sourced, while metals are made with noble (meaning they don’t corrode easily) and often recyclable materials. For those who experience sensitivities or allergies to jewelry, Ana Luisa inspects and tests each piece to ensure it is hypo-allergenic, nickel-free, and safe to wear.

The brand makes curating a collection simple
Credit: @analuisany

There are three types of jewelry to be found at Ana Luisa:

  • Gold plated brass – strong, durable, and long-lasting. Pieces are made using gold-plated brass and a layer of recycled 14K gold.
  • Gold plated sterling silver – an assortment of pieces feature sterling silver that’s 92.5 percent pure and recycled.
  • Lab-grown diamonds – all of the beauty, none of the environmental stress. Ana Luisa uses cruelty-free and lab-grown diamonds to add sparkle and clarity to timeless pieces.

Picking Out the Perfect Piece

With newly pierced ears (and an awesome sale), I filled up my shopping cart with an assortment of earrings and necklaces. Shopping the website is simple thanks to sections and subsections that help you narrow down the options based on what you’re shopping for (because we all know looking for jewelry can get overwhelming, fast!).

I prefer huggies and stud earrings, so that’s where I focused much of my shopping attention at first. Whether you’re looking for standalone pieces or you prefer to stack styles and textures, Ana Luisa jewelry makes things easy.

To create unique styles that worked together and alone, a few pieces in particular caught my eye: Bonny ($50) gorgeous mini ear climbers containing three layers of stones, Boa ($49) (even though I hate snakes!) studs look super sleek and sexy, and Suzanne Medium Huggies ($95) that I can wear day or night.

Shoppers visiting the website also have some options if they’re not sure what they want. The Gift Guide is a great resource that narrows pieces down by price, occasion, and purpose.

Ana Luisa also offers a lovely selection of necklaces
Credit: @analuisany

Lovely and Layered 

Another trend that’s been everywhere is the layered necklace look. Creating a layered look can be expensive and if you’re just starting out with pieces (like myself) figuring out what works together can feel dubious. That’s where Ana Luisa makes it easy: Layered Necklace Sets.

Instead of trying to create a look on your own, Ana Luisa takes the guesswork out and features various layered sets that come with different stones or accents, chain styles, and lengths. Heritage is pretty and dainty, while Summer ($115) or Michelle ($115) offers more of a dramatic statement.

Overall, I found quite a few earring sets and necklaces to give my jewelry box a major upgrade and they haven’t lost any of their original shine. Win-win. 


1. Unisex designs: Jewelry shouldn’t feel limited, so unisex designs make it easy to shop for anyone. The Mini Huggie Hoops ($59) is the perfect gift.

2. There’s a loyalty club! If you love shopping for new, trending jewelry frequently then make sure to sign up for Club Ana Luisa and earn points with every purchase.

3. The Fine Jewelry Collection. Maybe you want to splurge on a piece and love everything Ana Luisa stands for – shop the fine jewelry collection and grab styles with lab-grown diamonds and gemstones.

4. Let’s get personal. Ana Luisa offers engravable jewelry – perfect for special occasions and personalized gifts.

5. Certified partners. To maintain values and standards for both jewelry and the environment, Ana Luisa only works with vetted partners that share the same values in regard to climate change and quality.

From the designs to quality and great price point (plus a sale!), shop Ana Luisa for all your must-haves styles and get ready for the compliments. 

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