20 Female-Founded DTC Brands To Support This Women’s History Month

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Many of the DTC brands we love and champion are founded by women. Although the venture capital space has traditionally been predominantly male-run, we’re thrilled to see more fierce, funded female founders dominating the e-commerce landscape these days. After all, Y Combinator’s not just for the Y chromosome…

Below, some of our favorites.

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AMASS makes clean botanics for modern living. Founder (and distiller) Morgan McLauchlan grew up in the mountains of Vancouver, utilizing her passion for plants to create modern, social rituals in the form of spirits, both alcoholic and non. Since then, the brand’s expanded into candles, soaps, hand sanitizers and more.


Lifelong wellness entrepreneur Shizu Okusa harnesses 5,000+ years of science and tradition through Ayurveda, TCM and Japanese Kampo Medicine to create these mushroom supplement blends that address an array of health and mental problems. Think focus, hangovers, chill out time, and more. 


Founder Kathrin Hamm found a bad night’s sleep unbearable. On the road for work, her insomnia mounted -- and sleep solutions were often chemical. While finding refuge in Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), she discovered that most weighted blankets used unsustainable plastic beads and lacked the breathability and aesthetics she wanted from her bedding. In answer, she created Bearaby: the weighted knit blanket that naturally alleviates stress.

Beyond Yoga

Founder Jodi Guber Brufsky grew up in the entertainment industry where she experienced constant pressure to look a certain way. When she discovered her yoga practice (and ultimately became an instructor), Brufsky envisioned a body positive activewear line that honored the body instead of condemning it. Co-founder Michelle Wahler joined to create this line meant to fit and flatter any woman’s body.


Aishwarya Iyer discovered a slew of problems in the olive oil industry that were impacting her family’s health – so she created a line of delicious, luxe olive oils that’s now a golden standard in the kitchen. Authentic, fresh ingredients and absolutely no fillers or artificial ingredients mean that you (and your loved ones) can enjoy a meal with ultimate traceability.


Adaptogenic brand Clevr started out at a coffee bar, which is why all of its blends have creamy, luxurious textures like what you’d buy at a nice café. CEO and formulater Hannah Mendoza traveled around the U.S. with her cofounder, lauding the properties of plants. Their benefits range from lifted mood to grounded energy, using prebiotic and functional qualities. (Oh, and did we mention Meghan Markle is an investor?)


Curie was founded by Sarah Moret, an active woman frustrated that the aluminum-free deodorant options frankly didn’t work as well as the chemical-filled brands. Healthy deodorant isn’t helpful if it isn’t functional. Since 2018, Curie’s clean deodorant and personal care products have gained a supportive following because they actually…work.


Founder  Sabeena Ladha, who has a background in venture capital and working with CPG brands,  launched  a good-for-you (vegan and gluten-free!) version of edible cookie dough complete with unique flavors and editions. A DTC darling since 2020, the brand recently announced its availability in select Whole Foods.

Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle Colored Glass is a longtime crush of ours. The colored glassware – inspired by Stephanie Summerson Hall’s vintage shopping with her grandmother – is handcrafted in Poland, beyond stunning, and goes with any table. Learn more in our glassware roundup.

Fly By Jing

Founder Jing Gao created Fly By Jing (inspired by hole-in-the-wall eateries that attracted diners “like flies”) to bring bold Chinese flavors into American homes. Her beloved Sichuan Chili Crisp is the first and only 100% all-natural Sichuan Chili sauce proudly crafted in Chengdu -- delicious, spicy, and ultra-savory. And have we mentioned FBJ’s dumplings?


Mélanie Masarin spent her childhood summers near the Mediterranean, where aperitivo is a way of life. Ghia originated from her desire to make a drink that would evoke the summery ritual of her mother and grandmother’s limoncello recipe. Ghia is a spirits-free aperitif that invites the modern person to take a moment of pause without the use of alcohol.


We recently interviewed the stellar all-women team behind the fun, fresh apparel brand making snow sports less of a boys’ club. Founded by Ariana Ferwerda, Karelle Golda, and Kiley McKinnon, the brand’s bright (and eco-friendly) colorways liven up the slopes while defying the “shrink it and pink it” mentality that often dominates the design of women’s ski gear. We tested the brand’s Lawrence Jacket and Alessandra Pants, which definitely lived up to the hype.

Kin Euphorics

Jen Batchelor wanted happy hour without the booze. Kin Euphorics beverages, which spark a pleasant, alcohol-free buzz, are designed to promote clarity and bliss with a blend of adaptogens, botanics, and nootropics that get the job done without the booze. Recently, the brand gained extra recognition as Bella Hadid has come onboard as a retroactive co-founder.


Here at TQE, we’re addicted to the washable silk Lunya pajamas – and the brand’s latest line of washable silk bedding. Luxurious but functional is our favorite combination. Founder Ashley Merrill is a serial entrepreneur who also dabbles in Outdoor Voices, Lahgo (the male version of Lunya), and others.


Since its inception, maude has captivated the Internet with its subtle, aesthetic bedroom essentials intended to make intimacy better for all people through quality, simplicity, and inclusivity. Founder Éva Goicochea comes from a background at Everlane, Josie Maran Cosmetics, and even co-founded another watch brand.

Mustard Made

Sisters Becca and Jess Stern took the classic practicality of lockers and added their own improvements for vibrant, aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. The retro look, varied sizes, and convenient features make these lockers the perfect statement and addition to any space.


After working in the wine cellars of the hottest restaurants across the country – and studying sustainable agriculture – sommelier Kristin Olszewski launched Nomadica for ubiquitously pleasing tastes that shatter our preconceived notions of canned wine. Nomadica’s cans come adorned with independent artwork – and accompanying playlists curated by DJs – for a multisensory drinking experience that preserves gravitas.

OUI the People

Razor bumps, begone. Founder Karen Young was taken aback in looking through 1950s shaving ads claiming that silky-smooth skin was what made you loveable. So she bucked outdated beauty messaging to create an inclusive, solution-oriented skincare brand with a “superior shave guarantee,” embracing flaws while making the shaving experience overall…better.


A self-professed “design enthusiast” and “lover of home goods,” Ariel Kaye launched her bedding brand in 2014. Now, Parachute’s an authority on gorgeous (and cozy) linens that redefine the bedroom, expanding into furniture, loungewear, and more.


Wildling was co-founded in 2018 by intuitive acupuncturist/Chinese medicine scholar Gianna de la Torre, herbalist/beauty maven Jill Munson, and holistic esthetician Britta Plug. The trio brought together their common appreciation for gua sha to form a brand rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Happy International Women's Day. The above brands are just the beginning. Have a favorite we missed? Share it with us on socials (@thequalityedit) or at hello@thequalityedit.com.

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