Putting Premium Diapers To The Test: Coterie vs. Millie Moon

In partnership with Coterie. 

I never thought I’d spend the better part of a year testing diaper brands and sharing the results with all of you, but here we are. We’ve checked our favorite brand, Coterie, against Pampers, Huggies, Honest, and even Pull Ups for the older kids. Time after time, Coterie reigns supreme with its soft-as-cashmere fabric, and well-designed fit that keeps everything in (iykyk). Today, we’re testing how they stack up against Millie Moon, a relative newcomer to the diaper industry that boasts “luxurious comfort for delicate skin.” Let’s see how they compare. 

The lineup - Coterie’s premium DTC diaper vs. promising newcomer Millie Moon

Test #1: Functionality

Millie Moon: Nurturing and supporting families is at the core of this new-to-me brand’s value proposition, which intrigues me right off the bat. Millie Moon claims the diaper was created with performance in mind, meaning you’ll spend less time dealing with leaky diapers and more time with your kids. OK, I’m intrigued. These diapers have a double leak guard, extra absorption technology, and a high waistband for up to 12 hour absorbency. I like them for sure, but when tested against cups of water, they weren’t quite as absorbent as Coterie. Plus, they run a bit wider than I’m used to, which could be a recipe for a leaky disaster.

Coterie: I’ve used Coterie for over a year now – since day one with my younger daughter (literally brought them to the hospital), and we’ve been loving The Pant at night for my potty trained three year old. I can count on one hand the number of leaks we’ve had, poop included. Coterie holds 70% more than competing brands, has an extra-wide back panel to limit leaks, and quickly wicks liquid away from the skin. They’re so great at keeping bodily fluids away from skin, we even tossed our diaper cream.

Winner: Coterie

Test #2: Materials

Millie Moon: These “feather soft” diapers are Dermatest approved and Oeko-Tex Certified, made with clean materials that are fragrance, lotion and latex free. That’s great (and better than most on the market), but I couldn’t find much more information than that. So, while I have no doubt these are “clean” diapers, I didn’t find the brand to be quite as transparent as I hoped.

Coterie: One thing I love about Coterie is how unbelievably soft these diapers are. Plus, they’re made with 100% clean ingredients, like wood pulp from sustainable managed forests, a polypropylene and polyester backsheet, and of course: no lotions, fragrances, dyes, brighteners, or other junk. Basically as non-toxic as you can get.

Winner: Coterie

A side-by-side lineup of the two diapers – Millie Moon is slightly wider & bulkier

Test #3: Eco-Friendliness

Millie Moon: Similar to our materials test, all signs point in a positive direction, but I’m not really getting the information I need from the site. The brand doesn’t seem to have a clear direction or point of view on sustainability, though it does mention sourcing sustainable wood pulp and of course, doesn't test any products on animals. That said, with the amount of diapers we use on a daily basis, I am particularly conscious about ensuring as little waste as possible. (I also have to mention as a side note – while Millie Moon doesn’t have a great sustainability story, it is a charity-driven brand, partnering with a national early literacy non-profit to support reading.) 

Coterie: Coterie uses 25% plant-based ingredients, which is awesome considering these are disposable diapers that literally get tossed after use (plus, the brand’s wipes are biodegradable!). The best part though, is that because they’re so absorbent, we only change our daughter’s diaper a few times a day, meaning less trash out into the environment.

Winner: Coterie

Test #4: Design

Millie Moon: While the Millie Moon diaper is a tad bulky, overall the design leads to a pretty great fit (I especially love the high waist). The brand’s designs are simple and relatively neutral in color, which appeals to me – though design is certainly a personal preference. One thing that’s sweet about this brand is its “Millie Moon and friends” characters, each of which is represented on a different size diaper. These are cute animals like a calm, nurturing owl, an independent but cuddly cat, and a friendly elephant. So cute!

Coterie: Personally, I love that Coterie only offers one design (and truthfully, before this brand launched, I had been desperately trying to find a plain white diaper!). There’s nothing like a sweet baby butt in classic white. That said, I know it’s fun for kids to pick out designs that fit their personality or a new style each season, so understand that I might be unique in my quest for simple design.

Winner: Coterie (but really, this one’s personal!)

Test #5: Cost

Millie Moon: These diapers are sold exclusively through Target (hello, convenience!) and cost $24.99 for a pack of 72 diapers. For those who aren’t math wizards, that’s roughly $0.35 a diaper. So, there’s a distinct difference here. I love that there’s finally a brand on the market that offers a premium diaper at drugstore cost. A great option for families, particularly those on a budget!

Coterie: A pack of size 4 Coterie diapers costs $90 on the auto-renew program, or $100 for a one-time purchase, making each diaper ~$0.48. I mentioned this above, but I do find that I save a bit by not needing to change my daughter’s diaper as often. We probably use about 4-5 Coterie diapers a day, compared to 8 or so from another brand. 

Winner: Millie Moon

Test #6: Convenience

Millie Moon: Last but not least, convenience. Millie Moon is only available at Target – which could be a pro or a con depending on your shopping habits. For those who shop exclusively at Target, this is awesome. But for those who don’t have a regular Target run on the calendar (you’re looking at her!), it’s actually wildly inconvenient. I wish the brand would cut out the middleman and have an option to buy diapers directly from its website. 

Coterie: With two kids and a full time job, I literally have zero time to run errands, which means a regular trip to grab diapers at the store is totally out of the question. I’ve made it my life’s mission to streamline and simplify as many things as possible for myself, which is why I love Coterie’s easy subscription model. Coterie delivers a box of diapers to my door every 5 weeks (you can choose whether you prefer a 4, 5, or 6 week cadence), and the brand’s texting system makes it super easy to order sooner – or delay a shipment – if necessary.

Winner: Coterie 

Coterie’s diapers are so functional, so I only have one mess to clean ;)

Final Verdict: Coterie 

Millie Moon may be the most serious contender we’ve tested yet, but we’re still Team Coterie over at TQE. The brand’s style and function is simply not matched, and I’ve yet to find a rival diaper that convinces me otherwise. Check Coterie out for yourself here, and use code Extra10 at checkout to try Coterie for $81 for the first month to see if they are right for you.