Is Rihanna’s Baby Wearing Coterie Diapers? Our Editors Discuss

In partnership with Coterie.

One thing you might not know about TQE’s editorial team is that we’re slightly obsessed with pop culture (our Editorial Director Scott loves breaking celebrity news to the team over Slack). When we spot celebrities using our favorite brands in the wild, we go into a bit of a frenzy…so you know we whipped out our magnifying glasses as soon as we saw Rihanna’s Vogue spread. 

Our parenting editors were dying to know if Rihanna uses the same diaper brand we do, and we have some convincing evidence to suggest the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Our thoughts below…

Credit: Vogue

Hallie: Did you see the recent photos of Rihanna's baby? I know you've reviewed and compared a million different diapers – any ideas as to what brand she's using?

Jenni: Oh yes, I’ve tried them all – from the best budget option to the most luxe offering. It’s pretty obvious that Rihanna is using my personal favorite, Coterie. You can just sort of tell. 

First of all, it’s one of only a few brands that actually has a plain, not patterned option (seems so simple, but much harder to find than you’d think…there are maybe 2 or 3 brands that offer an all-white option). And if you look really close at this picture, you can see that there’s a certain texture to the diaper. This is signature Coterie – they’ve got this incredible cloth-like material, with 3D advanced webbing that’s pretty much unmistakable. It’s actually modeled off of cashmere. Here’s another picture where you can actually see the logo barely peeking through. So yeah, I guess I should add diaper detective to my resume.

Credit: Coterie

Hallie: That would make sense – I’ve actually seen Priyanka Chopra, Shay Mitchell and Pia Baroncini post about the premium brand, too. It really seems to be everywhere you think it's worth the hype?

Jenni: Yeah, it feels like so many celebrities and influencers are using Coterie – I’m seeing it everywhere these days. Ashley Graham just did a partnership with them, too. But it’s a good question…are they worth the hype? 

I mean, I have to say yes. They are truly the best diapers out there and nothing really compares. Even against some of the other luxury or non-toxic brands, Coterie is far superior. What makes them so great is the ultra-soft fabric (they feel like clothes, not diapers), the efficacy (they absorb so much more than the average diaper) and the fact that they don’t leave rashes on the skin (diaper rashes, or otherwise). Both of my little ones love them, and they’ve been so great for us.

Hallie: It's also a pretty big splurge, so it makes sense that Rihanna would buy expensive diapers. You’re saying premium diapers are worth the extra $$, then?

Jenni: For all the reasons above, 100% yes. They are definitely a splurge…there’s no question about that. But here’s the deal: they actually absorb way more than a regular diaper and the materials are really gentle on the skin, so you don’t have to change your baby’s diaper nearly as often. I think we go through like maybe 4 diapers a day for our 22 month old. 

Basically, I change her in the morning, after she poops, and again before bed. That’s it. So on a cost-per-use basis, they don’t really end up being that much more expensive. Same goes for Coterie’s incredible Wipes, by the way. They’re super thick and I rarely need more than one (versus other brands like Water Wipes, which are good, but require anywhere between 2-7 wipes based on what you’re dealing with).

Credit: Coterie

Hallie: Consider me sold. As our resident parenting expert, any predictions for other brands you think we'll spot Rihanna using during her second pregnancy and as her littles grow up?

Jenni: Oh, I love this question. To start, I have to also mention Coterie’s Pants, which I imagine she’ll transition her son into as he eventually transitions into potty training. Besides Coterie, I’d have to imagine her little one has a Lovevery Play Gym – that’s a new-parent staple. 

She’ll definitely want to grab a few products from Lalo, too. The High Chair, of course, is the brand’s flagship product, but I’ll bet once her two babes are a bit older she’ll use The Play Kit, one of our household essentials. 

EllaOla is a big favorite among the celebrity crowd right now – if she isn’t already, I’d recommend slathering her belly with the new Nourishing Baby Oil. Last but not definitely not least, Ritual’s Essential for Women Prenatal Vitamin is taking the world by storm, and for good reason. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and report back if I find any evidence!