The Throwdown: High Chair Edition

Choosing the best products for a baby can be stressful, and high chairs are no exception. I did months of research before my little one arrived. What I was looking for seemed pretty simple: a safe, easy to clean, durable, and – if I’m being honest – aesthetic high chair. I was also aware that my little would eventually outgrow her high chair, so while not a necessity per se, I was hoping to find something that could potentially grow with her. I found a couple of options that met my standards, and – as a scientist, of course – purchased both to pass my learnings to you. Here’s what I found…

The Players

After months of searching, I was willing to commit to two brands: Lalo, a rapidly-growing brand lauded for its timeless and thoughtful designs, and Stokke, a Scandinavian brand that’s been in the market and homes since 1972. I’ll be comparing Lalo’s The Chair and Stokke’s Tripp Trapp below.

Your little’s place at the table with Lalo. Credit: @rivercabaan via @lalo

Test #1: Longevity of Use + Cost

Lalo: A highchair is great…until your baby outgrows it. That’s why I was elated to discover that Lalo's The Chair is made to grow with your baby. Once they’ve grown out of the high chair, it converts into a play chair – genius, right? Not only does the 2-in-1 chair encourage independent play, but it’s also saving me major bucks in the long run. Plus, The Chair Full Kit offers $255 worth of accouterments for $215. Lalo ultimately ends up being the less expensive of the two thanks to its convertible nature offering a high chair and play chair in one. Verdict: 9/10

Stokke: Stokke’s Tripp Trapp also grows with your little one. The Tripp Trapp makes including your baby at the dinner table super easy: the chair moves up to the table so your baby can easily sit and eat with the whole family (as does Lalo’s). However, Stokke’s pricing is a bit hazier – while the base model costs $279, once you add a tray and cushion as part of the “baby set,” you’re actually looking at $379. Verdict: 7/10

Winner: Lalo takes the cake for its convertible nature and transparent pricing.

Both chairs offer supreme safety. Credit: @stokkebaby

Test #2: Safety

Lalo: Lalo’s The Chair was designed with child developmental experts to ensure babies have proper support as they start solids. The Chair’s cushion and safety harness keep baby comfortable and upright until they're able to reach the footrest, which has two adjustable heights to keep them supported as they grow. All Lalo products meet or exceed ASTM and governmental compliance safety and testing standards. Plus, the brand never uses harmful chemicals or substances in the making or manufacturing of its products. Verdict: 10/10

Stokke: Just like Lalo’s The Chair, Stokke’s Tripp Trapp high chair is designed to support babies and encourage a positive mealtime experience. It features no harmful materials, plus meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards. Verdict: 10/10

Winner: Tie. Both high chairs go above and beyond to keep babies safe and secure— no questions asked!

Nothing beats an easy cleanup. Credit: via @lalo

Test #3: Ease of Cleaning

Lalo: The Chair’s smooth surface makes cleaning up beyond easy. I usually keep the tray on, swipe with a damp towel, and I’m good to go. Even better, there are no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in. When I don't feel like wiping The Chair down, I just throw the tray in the dishwasher and the cushion and straps in the washing machine. My only note is that the straps are kind of tricky to take off to wash, but Lalo’s amazing customer service sent me helpful videos demonstrating how to remove them. I’ve also seen several people mention they hose it down outside or in the bathtub. Whatever your cleaning method, The Chair is super low maintenance. Verdict: 9/10

Stokke: It's easy to wipe the Tripp Trapp clean for the most part, but the tray drives me a little crazy. I often find food smushed underneath it or in its crevices, which makes it more of a hassle to clean. And while I have yet to experience this issue myself, I’ve read that the Tripp Trapp scratches pretty easily during a wipedown, too. Verdict: 6/10

Winner: Lalo. An easy clean earns Lalo an A+ in my book.

Switch out the High Chair’s legs and turn it into a Play Chair. Pictured above with the Play Table. Credit: @lalo

Test #4: Design + Aesthetics

Lalo: Shockingly – and I mean this honestly – I love how The Chair looks in my home. Its modern and minimal design comes in five chic colors: Coconut, Grapefruit, Blueberry, Sage and Licorice, so you’re sure to find a color that fits in your space. In terms of design, The Chair (which took me less than 7 minutes to assemble) is lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room. One of my other favorite features is that I don’t have to take the tray off to let my little out. The brand has basically thought of everything a parent could dream of – including other pieces like an adorable Play Table ($150) and Tableware that pair perfectly with The Chair. Verdict: 9/10

Stokke: Honestly, the Tripp Trapp simply isn’t my style. Aesthetically, it’s a little old-fashioned, bulky, and awkward (though the wide array of colors almost makes up for it). I’ve also spoken with a few friends about how difficult it is to assemble (yes, I’m talking a screws-everywhere assembly). While the Tripp Trapp offers the same flexibility to grow with your little that Lalo does, its design and ease simply don’t match up. Verdict: 5/10

Winner: Lalo. Beautiful, sleek, and simple Lalo is our go-to for all things mini tableware these days.

Final Verdict: Lalo

While these chairs offer similar features on paper, Lalo is the clear winner in our home. It’s beautiful, easy to clean, and grows with my little – a feature that has allowed me to save money over time. Ready to invest in yours?

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