Feals Is An Expensive CBD Brand – And Its Hemp Oil Tinctures Are Worth Every Penny

In partnership with Feals.

I love a wellness trend. Mycelial dust, sea moss gel, adaptogenic tinctures – you name it, I’ve tried it. But, somehow, the CBD train left the station without me. I honestly have no aversion to the stuff – I just never found a comfortable entrypoint into the space. 

For years, I couldn’t exactly fit all of the claims around CBD into one cohesive story: it chills you out, has no mind altering effects – and I can reap these exact benefits in everything from CBD-infused sodas to massages, lattes and creams? How much should I take? Which form should I take? And is it actually doing anything in my body?

I recently found my entrypoint in Feals. Straight up, Feals offers an expensive CBD product – but that’s exactly the idea. With better education, ingredients, manufacturing, design, and branding, Feals has invested a lot into making sure you feel good. So, the brand’s tinctures shouldn’t be cheap. 

I’ve tried a lot of wellness products and admit that you often get what you pay for. So, I tried it. Here’s what happened… 

Dipping A Toe Into The CBD Space 

Feals was my entrypoint into the CBD space because everything the brand does – from its online education to its straightforward packaging – actually makes sense. I was intrigued to learn that CBD helps the receptors in our endocannabinoid system create beneficial changes in our bodies. That’s why Feals uses full spectrum CBD – which is known for containing all forms of cannabinoid and therefore being more effective – in its products. Tinctures are the safest and most effective delivery system for CBD – use a tincture to drop a bit of hemp oil under your tongue, Feals explains, and you can expect to feel benefits like decreased inflammation and anxiety. The FDA even gave CBD its approval as a treatment for severe epilepsy.

I Understand The Benefits – But Why Should I Trust Feals?

The brand takes tremendous pride in its quality – all of Feals’ products are hand-harvested in Colorado following organic farming practices. Each tincture is made with full spectrum hemp for maximum benefit and MCT oil, a fat-burning, metabolism-revving superfood, which increases the CBD's bioavailability in each product. And that’s it – no extra fluff or fillers. 

Feals uses a meticulous extraction process to ensure the cannabinoids produced are potent and free of chlorophyll and other chemicals, then third-party testing so you can feel confident that every product is both pure and effective. Each batch even comes with a Certificate of Analysis, which you can find by scanning the QR code on the bottom of your packaging. Exhale. 

Ready To Feal Something

I finally felt confident to give CBD a go, so I grabbed a 1200mg Tincture from Feals’ site. (The brand offers three strengths – 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg – Feals’ middle-of-the-road option is a best-seller.) Its packaging offered me a final dose of peace-of-mind before taking it: the dropper is marked with three lines to indicate how much you’re taking, 20mg, 40mg, or 60mg. Each drop is ~4mg. 

I started with 20mg on a busy Wednesday morning and didn’t have to wait long before finally understanding the craze. It doesn’t offer a high in any way – but it certainly does give your engine some extra oil. When I take Feals’ CBD, all of the drama of my to-do list falls by the wayside – no more fidgeting, worrying, or procrastinating. Instead, a little boost draws me to work and keeps me feeling flowy for hours. It’s quite magical. 

Over time, I’ve figured out my dosage (~30-40mgs is great for powering through work, whereas 60mgs eases me to sleep in a breeze). I’ve noticed that taking Feals daily – and multiple times per day at that – works best. (Over 100,000 Feals users agree – the brand conducted internal research that seems to match up with my experience.) Apparently when you keep the active amount of CBD in your bloodstream high enough over time, it continuously interacts with your cannabinoid receptors to offer the best results.

I use it in the morning to balance out the stressful start to my day, then at lunch to take the edge off, and finally in the evening to wind down. Thankfully I can subscribe, and get 30% off of my 1200mg tincture each month (it’s $94.47 instead of a $134.95 one time purchase) to ensure that I never run out.

Feals Has Made A Convert Of Me

For the record, I’ve since sampled a few CBD sodas and gummies over the past few months. Nothing I’ve tried can hold a candle to Feals. Not even close. 

So yes, – I recognize that Feals is an expensive product. I also admit that I’ve been known to spend more than $100 a month on coffees, face masks, and other selfcare tools in search of a productive day or peaceful night. I’m now on board to allocate some of that budget each month towards Feals. Chill focused mornings, more restful nights – all backed by science – for under $100 a month? Feals feels more like a steal with each passing day.