Which Premium Diaper Ranks Supreme: Huggies or Coterie?

In partnership with Coterie.

It’s no secret that I’ve been impressed by Coterie, and that I certainly recognize the benefits (like softer materials, safer ingredients, and better protection) of a premium brand. That’s why Huggies Special Delivery recently caught my attention. It’s the brand I grew up in, so I was curious to see how an update to a diaper classic would compare to Coterie’s entirely-reimagined diaper. In typical TQE style, I put Huggies Special Delivery and Coterie to the test below. Let’s see how they stack up…

The lineup - Coterie, Huggies Special Delivery

Test #1: Functionality

A diaper has to function, period. If it leaks, doesn’t contain properly, or has a weird fit, don’t even bother. 

Huggies: These aren’t bad! They are designed with flexible leg cuffs and a pocketed waistband to keep everything contained, and they really do just that. These diapers do feel a bit “fuller” after coming in contact with liquid, but overall I’m very impressed. 9/10

Coterie: These diapers are super functional. Coterie holds 70% more than competing brands, has an extra-wide back panel to limit leaks, and quickly wicks liquid away from the skin. They are insanely absorbent and unless we get a poop, I hardly ever change dirty diapers. 9.5/10

Winner: Coterie (barely!)

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A side-by-side lineup of the two diapers – Coterie’s styles run a bit bigger

Test #2: Materials

Materials – especially non-toxic and chemical-free ones – have been a buzzy topic across product categories for the past few years. As diapers come in contact with baby’s skin directly, they’re important!  

Huggies: Admittedly, when I hear the name Huggies (as with other popular household brands), my mind immediately goes to big box retailers and therefore, I assume they’re full of chemicals. But I’m open and happy to be proven wrong. Unfortunately, the Huggies website is a bit hard to understand. These diapers are free of parabens, fragrances, and elemental chlorine, and I really appreciate the comprehensive ingredient list, but it’s unclear to me exactly what these ingredients are. It seems these are a solid choice in the non-toxic department – and they are dermatologist approved – but they’re not a slam dunk in this category. 8/10

Coterie: These diapers are ridiculously soft (literally modeled after cashmere). Obviously I don’t wear diapers, but if I did, these are what I’d want to put on my body…they seem that comfortable. They’re totally non-toxic and super clean, with no chemicals, fragrance, dyes, parabens, chlorine, VOCs or brighteners. 10/10

Winner: Coterie

Test #3: Eco-Friendliness

As much as I love the environment, I’ll never be someone who uses cloth diapers…I just can’t. However it is very important to me that the diapers I choose are at least as sustainable as possible.

Huggies: Again, we’re lacking a bit in the transparency department here. Everywhere you read about these diapers, the phrase “plant based” is mentioned, and it’s certainly highlighted in the ingredient list, but there is no information on just how environmentally-friendly they actually are, other than being made with “responsibly sourced, plant-based materials.” I want to feel good about this, but it’s just hard to know. 7/10

Coterie: With 25% plant-based ingredients including wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests, Coterie is clearly trying to make a dent in this department, which I appreciate! I also use far fewer diapers per day than I would with other brands, leading to major trash savings. 8/10

Winner: Coterie

Love the classic and simple Coterie design

Test #4: Design

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I truly love a solid white diaper…so I suppose I’m going into this one a bit biased. However, it’s not about looks – a diaper also has to fit well, and stay on! 

Huggies: I’ll admit, the designs are pretty adorable and best of all, in simple, muted colors. They’re super soft (softer than any “big box” diaper I’ve ever felt) and the fit is great – there is even a little waistband in the back that stretches to ensure a perfect fit for every baby. 8/10

Coterie: These diapers are as simple as it gets, with no design options. This works well for me, but I know others are more interested in cute kid-like designs (and certainly fun for toddlers who like to pick out their own diapers!). Fit-wise, they’re great, though I do find the size chart to be a bit off…we tend to size up much earlier than the brand suggests. 8/10

Winners: Tie

Test #5: Cost

Diapers are expensive, and sometimes prohibitively so. In fact, according to the Huggies website, 1 in 3 families suffer from diaper need. At the end of the day, cost is a huge factor and sometimes, the deciding factor.

Huggies: These diapers come in a variety of pack sizes, from 29 count all the way up to 180. The 180 package will cost you roughly $60 from Amazon, Walmart, or Target, making Huggies one of the more affordable premium diapers on the market. I also love that the brand is a founding sponsor of the National Diaper Bank Network and makes a point to donate diapers to families in need.

Coterie: Simply put, Coterie is a premium choice. These diapers will set you back $90 a month if you choose the subscription model or $100 for a one-time purchase of ~150 diapers. However, I will say – because they are so absorbent, I don’t use as many diapers (which does result in some cost savings). The monthly subscription ships every four weeks, but I typically push it back a week or two. Plus you can use code EXTRA10 for 10% off your first subscription order.

Winner: Huggies

Test #6: Convenience

Convenience is a huge bonus in the diaper department – and a brand who knows I'm almost out of diapers before I do is a big yes.

Huggies: Huggies offers the ability to purchase online from Amazon, Walmart, or Target as I mentioned above. While I appreciate the ability to shop in large quantities and not have to lug boxes from cart to car to countertop, the brand hasn’t yet built in a subscription model, which is something I absolutely cherish as a busy mom. 

Coterie: Here’s where Coterie really shines. The brand offers a subscription model – and when you choose it, Coterie automatically ships your monthly supply of diapers to your doorstep every four weeks. You can skip or cancel at any time, communicate with a personal diaper assistant via text, and enjoy a 10% discount when you choose this subscription. During busy months, this convenience offers the peace of mind every mom dreams of.

Winner: Coterie

Lucy loves her Coterie diapers!

Final Verdict: Coterie 

Looking across all dimensions, there is truly no comparison: Coterie reigns supreme. I love the brand’s mission and transparency, the simple, stylish aesthetic, and most of all, the functionality of these diapers. We almost never have leaks or blowouts, which is worth everything to me.

Check them out for yourself here. And you can use code Extra10 at checkout to try Coterie for just $81 for the first month to see if they are right for you.