Cariuma’s Sold Out Avatar Collection Is Back (With New Designs!) – Grab Them Before They’re Gone

In partnership with Cariuma. Editor’s Note: We only select and work with partners that meet our quality standards, so you can rest assured we only endorse products we believe in.

In December, we shared that Cariuma, our favorite sustainable sneaker brand, was launching a three-shoe collaboration with Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney in celebration of Avatar: The Way of Water. Predictably, the collaboration’s first run sold out quickly. Now, it’s back in stock – with new, stunning designs to boot. 

OCA Low in Avatar Underwater By Day

Cariuma’s first Avatar collection explored the expansive world of Avatar with scenes by night and dark, glow-in-the-dark colorways. The new collection offers a look at the Avatar universe by day with a portrayal of the Navi swimming in the water in the classic OCA Low Canvas and a printed transparent sole inspired by the skin of the Navi on the NAIOCA Pro and OCA Low Canvas styles. These new styles are more subtle and versatile than the original collection; while Avatar fans will certainly note the themes represented on the shoes, you don’t have to be a Pandora-enthusiast to appreciate the beautiful blue accents on these sneakers. 

OCA Low and NAIROCA Pro in Avatar Off-White/Blue

The representation of Pandora’s stunning oceans on the surface of Cariuma’s shoes matches the consideration with which each pair was made. Cariuma was founded by surfers, so a love for the water and coastlines is integral to the brand. Cariuma works with factories focused on providing positive social and environmental impact, ethics, and transparency, and sources only natural and recycled premium materials for each pair of its shoes. On top of that, for every pair of sneakers sold, the brand plants a pair of trees in the Brazilian rainforest to directly aid reforestation and endangered species' habitats.

This new collaboration is bound to be a future classic – and it’s also sure to sell out quickly (much like every collaboration the company launches).