I Can’t Believe It’s Not Coffee: Neuro Gum and Mints Are My Healthy Caffeine Obsession

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For as long as I can recall, I’ve been a caffeine fiend. I’ve accepted my coffee addiction as a necessary evil (the concept of “moderation” should not apply to caffeinated beverages). During quarantine, however, I’ve experienced diminishing returns. A double espresso does the trick for a basic morning wake-up call, but beyond the first hour of a caffeine afterglow, does very little for my mental stamina or focus. The first step is admitting you have a problem -- and the next step is replacing it with a healthier (and more effective) caffeinated habit.

Enter: Neuro Gum and Mints. Invented by two Olympic and Paralympic-trained athletes with degrees in neuroscience, chemistry and economics, Neuro promised to boost my energy while honing my focus -- all without the negative side effects of my 3+ cups of coffee. As a woman who is neither Olympically viable nor a scientist by trade, I was intrigued. And after watching Neuro’s Shark Tank debut and hearing more about their inspiring story, I was sold. If these caffeine mints and gum worked for thousands of happy customers doling out five-star reviews, perhaps they’d also work for me.


(Bio)Hacking the Mainframe: How It Works

I consider myself a DTC caffeine connoisseur; welcome to my masterclass. I’m no stranger to brands that slip caffeine or energy supplements into pretty packages. Be it dark chocolate with the caffeine content of an espresso, stevia-sweetened energy teas, or little cubes of chewable coffee, I’ve tried it all. So, when I first read about Neuro, I didn’t expect anything too different from your run-of-the-mill energy supplement. A quick glance at the ingredient list proved me wrong.

While many energy supplements contain caffeine and even B12, Neuro’s particular nutritional content checks several important boxes. Neuro uses methylcobalamin B12, a natural form of B12 that is not only rarely used in mass-market nutrition supplements, but is also more bioavailable (translation for those who did not major in chemistry: it’s easily absorbed by the body). Beyond that, Neuro gum and mints also contain B6, another essential B-vitamin that helps to create norepinephrine and serotonin -- “happy” hormones which alleviate stress and enhance brain function.

Neuro’s remaining ingredients are just as impressive and mind-enhancing. 60 mg of L-theanine, the primary amino acid found in green tea, neutralizes any caffeine jitters and boosts focus. And finally, the timeless star of the show: 40 mg of natural caffeine (two mints or pieces of gum act like an extra-strong shot of espresso). Free of aspartame and gluten and created with patented cold-compression technology to maintain each ingredient’s bioavailability, Neuro thought of literally everything.

But Does It Actually Work?

While all of this science sounded great, I knew where my research needed to go next: personal experimentation. In addition to its sleek and minimalist packaging, the Neuro taste delivers. I started with the peppermint flavor, letting the mint dissolve on my tongue. I instantly loved the fresh and invigorating taste, completely free of the chemical flavor that often tinges supplement-infused treats. I was also thrilled by the hearty size of the mint. This is, admittedly, a strange detail -- but I hate when a mint is so small that you miss the experience of consuming it!

While a cup of coffee gets my brain and energy function to a “normal” state, within ten minutes of eating a Neuro mint, I felt instantly more alert and concentrated than my baseline state of being. Even better was the staying power. My energy and mental focus lasted for hours, soundly defeating my usual 3PM slump (and accordingly knocking out my typical need for another cold brew or two). Thanks to the L-theanine and B vitamins, the mint had a lasting effect, one that felt smooth and sustained. It didn’t merely temporarily jolt me with caffeine, but instead supported a holistic sense of vitality and mental clarity.

Let’s Get Physical

As if Neuro weren’t already inside my brain, they’ve also packaged their functional magic into GUM (my other addiction, second only to my first love, caffeine). Neuro gum and mints come in both peppermint and cinnamon flavors. I settled into a daily ritual of peppermint in the morning, cinnamon in the afternoon -- don’t ask me to pick a favorite, I can’t. I love all my children equally.

A cup of coffee prior to yoga never feels correct. The heightened jitters and acidity of the beverage are antithetical to what you want out of your vinyasa flow (or really any physical exercise).

I knew that Neuro stood the test of a work day -- but could it get me through a workout? I’m no Olympic athlete. I am, however, a yoga teacher and dedicated daily power-walker. A cup of coffee prior to yoga never feels correct. The heightened jitters and acidity of the beverage are antithetical to what you want out of your vinyasa flow (or really any physical exercise). Worse, the dehydrating properties of coffee and lag time of waiting for the caffeine to take effect--a recipe for total disaster. A piece of Neuro cinnamon gum, though? Just as you’d suspect: an enduring energy boost that sustained my physical and mental motivation, from my first downward dog to a totally blissful savasana.


And what could be more chic than consuming caffeine via beautifully-designed mints and gum? Coffee breath is now an antiquated concern of the past. As a self-professed morning person, there’s nothing like the thrill of a new source of caffeine that does the job of coffee, but better. My day-to-day is newly powered by Neuro -- welcome to the future.

Five More Reasons To Love Neuro Gum

  1. Neuro has gone through rigorous lab testing to ensure that each gum and mint is not only consistent and effective, but also safe and certified by the NSF and FDA.
  2. Each ingredient is absorbed 5X faster on the tongue than it would be via drinking or swallowing (“buccal absorption” is the name of the game!)
  3. Made with monk fruit, stevia, and spirulina, Neuro is free of the chemical flavors and additives that you’ll find in most artificial gums or bottled caffeinated beverages.
  4. According to its website, Neuro gives back “1% of everything” -- be it through product donations, time for the community, or profits for a cause -- so your daily caffeine hit also does some philanthropic good.
  5. If you sign up for a subscription as a Neuro member, not only will you always be stocked with your new addiction, but you’ll also get a 10% discount and free shipping!

Discover the potent power of Neuro by trying it yourself here.

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