What To Wear When You Can’t Go Outside

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I’m simply not fit for working from home—I thrive on routine, I love morning commutes as a way to center myself, and there’s nothing I love more than mid-day chit-chats with co-workers. When LA’s stay at home order went into effect, I urgently set non-negotiable rituals to maintain as much routine and normalcy as possible. These included: making the bed every morning, taking my dog for lunch break walks, and most importantly: getting dressed every single day, as though I was going to the office.ᅠ

That was March. Today is July 24th, and I am a whole different person. I have a newfound understanding of the concept of self-care, and I have a heavy rotation of office INappropriate clothing to prove it. From sweatsuits and pajama sets to slippers and robes, I’ve tried and loved them all. Read on for the best WFH fits the Internet has to offer.



Slipping into an Entireworld sweatsuit feels like the entire world has been lifted off your shoulders—pun intended. Sustainably made with “Soft AF Japanese organic cotton,” these are what you want wrapped around your body as you lie on the couch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, the brand has some of the best creative we’ve ever seen. From their avant-garde Instagram dance videos to their hilarious celebrity sketches (the one with Maya Rudolph is a personal fave), they’re a much-needed breath of fresh air.


Ok, I’ll admit it: I used to be intimidated by Madhappy. Can you blame me? Fans of the brand include Cardi B, Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, and Steph freaking Curry. I soon came to realize just how approachable the brand really is—on a mission to make the world a more optimistic place, their sweatsuits advocate for mental health awareness with slogans like “Positive Reinforcement” and “Local Optimist” printed on them. You know how people say if you force yourself to smile, you’ll feel happier? We think Madhappy sweats might have the same effect.

Richer Poorer

My decision to forego business casual attire and adopt a WFH-chic attire came smack dab in the middle of summer. It is HOT outside, y’all. Enter: Richer Poorer. Their French Terry collection (which originally sold out in three days) features three styles, all made with lightweight, moisture-wicking French terry cotton. Our favorite for especially hot days? Their French Terry sweatshorts—with an elastic waistband and scalloped hem detail, they’re the definition of fashion meets function.

MATE the Label

If you’ve been blessed with an A/C unit, you’re probably well aware of the “too-hot, now too-cold” woes. You know, when you’re sweating profusely, so you blast the A/C, but then you get too cold, so you turn it down, but then you get too hot again? Meet your very own Goldilocks: MATE the Label. MATE has a fab sweatsuit too, but our favorite set is their Classic Crew paired with their joggers. Monochromatic magic without constantly having to take your sweatshirt on and off and on again. Just right.


Five years ago, I would have scoffed at the idea of a neon green sweatsuit. Today it officially sits at the top of my wishlist. Self-described as a “materials science company on a mission to save our environment,” PANGAIA’s innovation reaches far beyond its vibrant colorways. Their sustainable technologies include: materials made from recycled water bottles, plant-based dyes, and our favorite—the inclusion of antibacterial peppermint to keep your suit fresh for longer. Sustainable shopping is the best kind of shopping—especially when you don’t have to compromise on style and statement.

Pajama Sets


Does anyone else’s morning routine just consist of changing from one pair of pajamas into another? Luckily, Lunya’s sleepwear is so chic that no one on your Zoom call will notice that you’re still in your PJs at 5pm. Their best-selling washable silk sets come in eight beautiful, neutral colors and are the perfect way to stay cool this summer. They’re thermoregulating with low-back ventilation and feature some gorgeous side slits for extra, extra air.

No Plans

This new sleepwear brand couldn’t have launched at a better-suited time. We quite literally have... no plans. They have a range of styles (from camis to button-downs to dresses) all in their breathable, earth-friendly Cupro blend. It’s biodegradable, machine washable, and oh so silky smooth. Our favorite part: their site has a “PJs Customizer” section where you can build a PJ bundle and save a bunch while doing so.


We first came to love Summersalt for their super-flattering swimwear, so finding out they carried sleepwear was a dream come true. With more playful patterns than our previous two recommendations, their sets are sure to brighten up your nightly routine. Plus, they have a Boyfriend Sleep Shirt that allows you to elevate your usual oversized tee bedtime look while staying true to who you really are.



By their launch in October of 2019, Parade’s waitlist had already topped 70,000—they truly took Instagram by storm. While we’re drawn to the brand because of their poppy colors and cheeky styles, we’re most inspired by their mission. The underwear industry has long been riddled with harmful beauty standards; Parade sets out to “rewrite America’s underwear story” by not only including a diverse range of bodies in their campaigns, but by backing it up with sizes ranging from XS to 3X.

Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear feels like the Serena van der Woodsen of underwear. Chic, effortless, and almost annoyingly perfect. While the brand is against “frills” and “fluff,” they’re not afraid of detail—whether it be their mother of pearl buttons or grosgrain straps, they’re the epitome of sophisticated luxury. And if they couldn’t get any more “cool girl” than that, they did a collab with Man Repeller in 2018.


If you’re breaking the stay-at-home order (please don’t) and going on a date (try FaceTime), we highly suggest wearing a CUUP bra to dinner. The founders of CUUP spent two years sifting through hundreds of samples to create the perfect, flattering yet unrestrictive bra out there. Their bras lift without padding, are made of mesh and microfiber, and were constructed using real women’s bodies as a reference, instead of machine algorithms that almost always get it wrong.



A Jack of all trades, this brand has anything you could want to upgrade your home—dinnerware, duvet covers, diffusers, and our personal favorite: ROBES. Snowe’s Honeycomb Robe is their elevated take on your classic waffle robe. Available in white, gray, or navy, it’s fast-drying and very chic. Best part is: they’re Oeko-tex certified, so you can be swaddled in clear conscience.

Off Hours

Branded as “inactive-wear for being indoors,” we immediately fell in love with this brand. Feeling almost like the direct counterpart to Outdoor Voices and it’s “doing things” trend, Off Hours is all about making you feel good when you want to be doing nothing. Almost like a Snuggie reimagined, their Homecoat is a “wearable duvet,” making it the perfect outfit choice when you refuse to get out of bed, but like, you have to.

Weezie Towels

If you’re chasing the feeling of getting out of your hotel shower and into one of the luxurious, complimentary fluffy robes, Weezie Towels is for you. Made in Portugual with 100% organic cotton, they have long and short robes that are also Oeko-tex certified and low linting. With a $15 embroidery option, a personalized Weezie Robe is the best gift to give to that friend who has been working a little too hard lately (you).



We loooove Parachute’s robes, but we’ve already fangirled over those. Now it’s time to gush over their slippers. Made of soft terry fabric and a diamond jacquard weave, the slippers have a beautiful quilted look that we just want to melt in. The cushioning is super thick, making this a great option for those in colder climates or with weirdly cold toes (I stand with you). Though slippers are meant for the inside, there’s always the occasional run to the mailbox to keep in mind—luckily, these babies have sturdy rubber soles and they’re machine washable.


Masters of the shoe game, we freaked when we found out Soludos was launching a pair of house slippers. This is certainly the most luxurious of the bunch; made of suede and faux fur, they come in at a heftier $75. Their 5-star reviewers don’t seem to mind, one even referring to them as “must-have house slippers.” Ok, we’ll bite…


If you know a Graphic Designer or Creative Director, you know HAY. Stocked with Danish-inspired home decor, they’re the perfect one-stop-shop for all things furniture, lighting, and now—slippers. Their soft cotton Waffle Slippers come in four perfect colors, feature a non-slip sole, and when you’re not wearing them, they make for the perfect piece of decor right next to your bed.

Assuming you’ve already added each of these to cart (or at least bookmarked them for later), I must give you a fair warning first: you might just get too comfortable with the WFH lifestyle with all of these in your closet. Oh well, here’s hoping your workplace follows the forever-working-from-home trend so you can continue to take your meetings in PJs and in peace.

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