Bones Or No Bones? Product Recs Inspired By A TikTok Famous Pug

“Bones or no bones?” is a -- relatively speaking -- bizarre question with which to start the morning. Over the past month, it’s taken over the internet. That phrase (and its answer) dictates how our day will go, according to TikTok phenomenon Jon Graz

Noodles, the 13 year old pug and Tik Tok phenom dog in question, took over the platform when his owner Jon Graziano began filming his regular morning routine. On good days, after some pets and encouragement from his best friend, Noodles staggers up to standing in preparation for his “walk” (being carted around in a small red wagon.) This would be a “bones” day.

On “no bones” days, Noodles flops right back onto his fuzzy bed, prepared to snooze the day away.

Similarly to Noodle, the Internet generation (followed swiftly by celebrities, pro sports franchises, and the Pentagon) have begun classifying their days into the two types: bones and no bones days.

Bones days are for risk taking, treating yourself, c’est la vie. You’re meant to splurge and savor the zest of life. No bones days are for, well, flopping. You go back to bed. Jon recommends that on no bones days, you get into your softest pajamas (“no hard pants on a no bones day!”), say no to plans, and allow yourself to feel no guilt about simply existing.

In the spirit of the “bones or no bones?” debate, we’ve compiled some of our favorite brands for the days when you just decide to go for it -- and a few for those when, like Noodle, you just can’t summon up the energy.

On Bones Days, Buy...

Buy The Jewelry Before It Sells Out

On bones days, you buy the jewelry. We recommend opting for fine, luxurious, yet accessible brands like Mejuri. These are everyday pieces: the type you’ve been eyeing to leave on all the time but haven’t quite summoned up the courage to buy.

Case in point: Mejuri necklaces are timeless, striking, and layerable, operating as both a foundation for your bolder looks or the subtle pop you needed to finish an outfit.

That new chain you’ve been eyeing.
Credit: @mejuri

At $110, the Bold Chain Link Necklace is both distinctive and effortless. It melds seamlessly into any outfit, pairs with other pieces, and frankly just looks damn good. Due to heavy demand and recent supply issues, Mejuri pieces fly off the shelves, but Noodles gave you your sign. It’s a bones day, and you need to grab it while you can.

Invest In The Coat You Doubt Your Ability To Pull Off

Yes, you can pull off that color! Get that limited edition collab you’d never in-a-million-years pull the trigger on. We know the coat is extra. But so are you. In the spirit of Noodles (and more accurately, his owner Jon), you deserve to wear the coat. Affirmations like these are why they’re called statement pieces -- and what are they saying? They’re saying you’re cool, that you work hard, that you, too, can pull it off.

Tezza rocks the green Rumours jacket.
Credit: Noize x Tezza & Cole.

We’re eyeing the dreamy yet functional Tezza & Cole x Noize collection, released a few weeks ago. Luxe textures, stunning shades, and funky details ensure these coats and jackets are one-of-a-kind and perfect for the upcoming winter. They’re investment pieces, meant to last for years, bridging the casual coastal vibe of L.A. with the chic-cool spirit of New York City; in the same vein, they’re meant to be functional regardless of season. When the capsule collection sells out, it’s gone.

The Rumours Womens Vegan Leather Jacket (on sale for $160 right now) draws from the “authentic vintage meets rock ‘n roll” aesthetic of the collection in a vibrant green and vegan leather. (Bonus: it’s on sale for Vegans Day. With the boyish, boxy cut, single-breasted button front, mid-length fit, and double flap pockets...say no more.)

Shop The Drop

In the DTC space, drops have swept the landscape -- and not just for fashion. For those of you unfamiliar, a “drop” is when a brand offers a tiny amount of inventory at a specified time and date. 

Vinegar you sip? Okay, it’s a bones day…
Credit: Acid League

Our go-to drop recommendation at the moment is Acid League, which gives complexity to modern vinegars and also offers sippable “Wine Proxies” ideal for those looking to expand their flavor palette or gain new exposure to sober curious alternatives to alcohol. Every month, they make three new monthly proxies. When they’re done, they’re done -- so keep an eye on their page as they launch new flavors. Better yet? Buy their club subscription to the Monthly Proxies Trio and get first dibs.

On a bones day, you shop the drop.

On No Bones Days, Buy...

On no bones days, you stay in your pajamas. According to Jon and Noodle, no bones days are for self care, kindness, and a little extra slack. A pug on the Internet doesn’t want to get up today, and so neither do you. Sure.

No Hard Pants On A No Bones Day

Get back into your pajamas.
Credit: @melo_and_co

We’ll do you one better -- washable silk pants on a no bones day. The Lunya Washable Silk Tee Set ($198) is a longtime favorite of us editors, and Lunya creates a wide variety of colors and styles to suit any preference. Thermoregulation ensures you’re constantly cool and comfortable, while an oversized relaxed fit creates a crisp, effortless, and luxe look that makes you feel good whether you seize the day or not.

Use The Sheet Mask

No need to restock.
Credit: @dieuxskin

Or in this case, eye mask. Formulated with sustainability in mind, the Forever Eye Mask by Dieux ($25) is reusable, allowing you to repeat your self-care beauty regimen without unnecessary waste. Why not use it everyday? The Dieux patches hold serums, gels, and creams closer to the skin for ultimate absorption (helping you to get the most out of your skincare collection), leaving skin refreshed. No bones days are for being kind to the earth and for being kind to yourself.

Take A Recess

The spirit of a no bones day, embodied by @ana_cahill: Netflix, a cozy sweater, and a calming drink.

These CBD-infused sparkling waters can a feeling: that of exquisite serenity. On a no bones day, we opt for sober curious beverages by Recess that make us feel -- if not energized -- a little more settled with the way things are going. Hemp and adaptogens create a beverage (in Instagram-friendly pastel cans) that aims to balance and comfort you. Try a sampler pack at $29.99 for six cans.

On All Days, Buy...

Jon’s number one recommendation -- whether it’s a bones day or not -- is pet health insurance. Let’s be real: part of the reason we tune in every day is to watch his sweet relationship with his beloved dog.

Try Embrace Pet Insurance, truly great pet health insurance that stands out from the pack. You can read our full review here

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